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Astrophotography and much more for all Pixel

The Google Pixel 4, the new flagship of Google, has just been launched. A high-end phone with exceptional software. And one of the most important things about this Pixel phone is its camera, and therefore it has brought great news that luckilyNow we will see in all Pixel phones.

Google Camera 7.2 news

The Google Camera 7.2 brings us a lot of news, but above all what they have dedicated is to bring options that we already had in more modern Pixel phones to the oldest of the company, even the first Pixel. These are the things that you can now use with your Pixel.

  • Astrophotography mode for Pixel 1 and 2.
  • Options focus on night mode.
  • Modified the depth library for the portrait mode of Pixel 2.
  • Possibility to use the high resolution zoom while zooming and even in night mode (no zoom required). It works the same as with the Pixel 3.
  • Timer Automatic for the front camera.
  • Synthetic Fill Flash for the Pixel 2 and for the Pixel 3a.

As we have said, they have basically put capabilities that the new generations already had to the oldest Pixel. The Astrophotography Mode stands out, just presented together with the Pixel 4, which is already available even for the original Pixel, which continues to receive many of the novelties despite its three years in the market, which in the world of technology is already a lot of time. Something that is appreciated and that shows that having a Google Pixel is a good way to have a very extensive software support.

Google Camera 7.2

We assume that some of these functions will be arriving at the GCam for other phones, but some of these may only be left in the Google Pixel.

The news can now be tested in the Pixel. But if they haven't arrived, OTA can always download APKs. And even if you don't have a Google Pixel you can install the GCam to have any of these functions, which never hurts to have options such as night mode or better software quality thanks to its software postprocessing, which made this application succeed.