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Are you preparing an Aquaris E5 with Snapdragon?

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The panorama in the technological world, especially in the field of smartphones, is more complicated than ever. The price war in relation to product quality is declared, and technological innovation, although stagnant, is the order of the day.

Until very recently, The contest was focused on the high range: First they were the number of processors, then with the megapixels of the camera and now for the resolution of the screens. The struggle to get the most innovative smartphone was and continues to be the goal of all brands. The middle and lower range were the big ones forgotten by the big companies: mobiles with a great user experience at more than questionable prices.

Until one day Motorola hit the table, and introduced the Motorola Moto G. An excellent terminal, with an optimal user experience (for the price range to which it is directed) and a more than fair price. From then on, the war began in the middle range. The prices of this range were considerably reduced the price of the Nexus 5 also helped a lot, and the companies began to give more importance to this target of user. The same has happened with the low range, after the presentation of the Motorola Moto E. Although far from improving, what has happened, rather, has been a price reduction in terminals of this input range.

And among all this competition, There has been a brand that has put the batteries and has taken advantage of the occasion. And it is none other than Spanish bq.

They know that the mid-range and input user is the public they are targeting.And they opted for it at the time of offering a balanced product, with a remarkable user experience, at a contained price. And the play has been perfect, especially in Spain, its main market at this time.

And that's how I was born, last May, the Aquaris E. family. Four different smartphones for a target similar but with different tastes: bq Aquaris E4, Aquaris E4.5, Aquaris E5 and Aquaris E6: same design, good experience and different sizes.

His improvement over the 2013 version of his Aquaris family has been considerable. He has managed to build customer loyalty and has received a great opinion from critics. This is how he has made his bq Aquaris E5 the best-selling free phone in Spain, as of September 2014.

But nevertheless, There is an Achilles heel that has always been dragging the Spanish manufacturer, and it is the use of Mediatek processors. Marking its main face-to-face with Motorola's mobile stars (the Motorola Moto G 2013 and its new 2014 version), for example, one of its top competitors in Spain in that price range.

Those responsible for bq seem aware of it. And already in an interview conducted by our colleagues in Hipertextual, Rodrigo del Prado, One of the founders of the company, assured that Qualcomm will arrive at some time. And everything indicates that this moment has arrived.

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<p class=The next November 25, bq has summoned the press to present three new products that according to the Spanish manufacturer: We are going to change the script of technology in Spain. And one of those products could be a review of its star terminal, the Aquaris E5 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4G / LTE connectivity. A real bomb that, while retaining its current price, could be one of the great options along with the Motorola Moto G, for this Christmas.

Playing with the slogan of let's change the technological script in Spain is to test the ground on Qualcomm, more so when most Spanish smartphone companies, such as bq, Wolder, MyWigo or Woxter itself, work with Mediatek processors. Making the leap to Qualcomm will revolutionize the market among Spanish manufacturers, and in bq they want to be the pioneers in it.