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Apple shares set a new record, and may grow 20% more this year

Apple park

Despite what many say, and that the iPhone is ceasing to be the locomotive of the company with each passing quarter, the truth is that Apple is becoming stronger economically. Precisely because those of Cupertino less and less depend on your smart phone line, and thanks to the plans they are creating around the services as well as the development of new and innovative products, the company's future seems increasingly bright.

Next year, Apple plans to launch some of its newest products such as its own augmented reality glasses, a new range of iPhone with a completely new design, as well as renewals of devices such as the iPhone SE or iPad Pro. In addition, the arrival of important news for its Apple Watch is also expected, such as sleep detection, which could further boost the growth of the wearable division. In short, much is expected of the company.

However, it is absolutely normal for investors to decide to regain their trust in Apple, making it reach a new capitalization record of 1.10 trillion dollars, with a maximum value per share of around 243.18 dollars. And this is not the best, since an International Business Times report indicates that higher growth is expected from the value, being able to achieve an additional growth of 20% in the remainder of this year.

Apple park

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In short, Apple is enjoying an incredibly good time when it comes to economic health. However, this too supposes a greater pressure for those who make up the company, especially with a year as important as 2020. If in Cupertino they know how to play their cards well, they will make their growth shoot even more.