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About the MacBook Pro 2019: we tell you everything here

2019 can be considered as one of the busiest years for the Apple MacBook line. The alternatives of 12 inches and without Touch Bar were completely abandoned, while those of 13 and 15 inches improved their specifications. Even the latter got even a more powerful processor. With all these movements, is it possible that the completely redesigned MacBook Pro 2019 arrives?

All the rumors suggest that Apple will soon add other models to this family, including a 16-inch MacBook Pro that could replace the 15-inch ones. We review the latest movements of Apple, we tell you if we will finally see the MacBook Pro 2019 and what other novelties are displayed on the horizon.

16-inch MacBook Pro

Presentation of the last Apple event of June 2019. The MacBook Pro 2019 may be announced during an event in October.The MacBook Pro 2019 may be announced during an event in October.

Apple usually organizes a special conference in mid or late October. Although it is not an annual event – it was held in 2014, 2016 and 2018 -, considering the rumors about a new MacBook Pro 2019, many hope this will be the appropriate time to present news.

Other versions contend that Apple resolved that the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro updates be postponed until the first quarter of 2020. It will be an unprecedented wait for a substantial change to the MacBook Pro, considering that the last redesign came in 2016. Among defective keyboards, performance issues and even batteries that exploded, MacBook Pro changes seem to be a must.

Rumors suggest that the model that will arrive in 2019 will be a 16-inch MacBook Pro, which will have a redesigned keyboard, a higher screen resolution (3,072 x 1,920), thinner bezels and Intel H-series processors of the ninth generation. These specifications will make it one of Apple's most powerful laptops, so you can recover lost ground with manufacturers such as Dell, which have overcome it with equipment such as the XPS 15.

A 16-inch Macbook Pro will represent a major leap in relation to the current MacBook crop and will date back to the 17-inch 2012 model. Apparently, Apple estimates that there is a demand for larger screens, which will also facilitate the differentiation of the MacBook Pro with other MacBook offers.

A new keyboard

A person plays a keyboard of a portable Apple. The keyboard could have important modifications in an eventual MacBook Pro 2019.The keyboard could have important modifications in an eventual MacBook Pro 2019.

The keyboard will be one of the biggest novelties of the new MacBook Pro. The problematic and controversial butterfly mechanism keyboard arrived in 2016. Since then, it was adjusted and improved every year, but the problems did not disappear.

According to the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will return to the ?scissor switch? type keys, the technology used before 2016. And it will do so with the 16-inch MacBook Pro – if it finally arrives in 2019-, to incorporate it into the rest of the MacBook line in 2020.

May 2019 changes

Side view of a MacBook computer

When many were waiting for the arrival of a renewed MacBook Pro at the WWDC conference in June 2019, Apple surprised in May 2019 by announcing updates through a press release on its website. There were no events or anything like that. The changes included new processors and a tight keyboard.

The biggest leap was in the high-end configuration of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which was equipped with a ninth-generation Core i9 processor. According to Apple, the inclusion of this eight-core processor transforms it into the fastest MacBook created by the company. It was the first thin and light laptop to use this powerful chip and the purpose was to attract creative professionals. The base model incorporated the six-core Core i7 processor, which is also a ninth generation update.

When the changes were thought to end there, in July 2019, Apple announced improvements and changes for the 13-inch MacBook Pro: it incorporated an Intel octave four-core chip and equipped all its variants of a Touch Bar, eliminating the versions Without this touch bar. With these adjustments, he stayed in line with the laptops of his category.

The most important thing is that all these adjustments were made without affecting prices. The base model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro varies between $ 1,299 dollars and $ 2,899 dollars, according to customizations, while the 15 inch version It starts at $ 2,399 dollars and can reach up to $ 5,149 dollars.

Some versions argue that all updates realized that MacBook Pro 2019 will not use Intel Ice Lake processors. The 10 nm chips were released on Dell machines launched in May 2019, increasing the performance of the previous generation by up to 2.5 times.

The impulse of MacOS Catalina

An Apple computer with the MacOS Catalina operating system interface.

Although the updated 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro arrived on the market with Apple's Mojave operating system, in October 2019 they began receiving updates from Catalina MacOs.