XOB is psychedelia in a casual with 96 levels and 24 publi ads

XOB is a new casual for Android which tries to move away from the rest with a very original and different proposal. It not only raises a series of basic mechanics with which we will get used to passing levels, but it will challenge us to observe and experience new ways of approaching a game that is quite striking.

Not only because of its mechanics, but because of its visual style that almost puts us in a kind of pixelated hallucination in which everything will be different from what we have played. It is the idea, almost as if we were on a psychotropic journey in which the screen of our mobile becomes a window into an unreal world in which one block has to reach the other to merge with it.

A whole trip to have a great time

With that visual way of getting us what would be a psychedelic hallucination, XOB is an attempt to surprise the gamer mind so used to certain categories and rarely given a break to try other types of mechanics.


Simply in XOB you will have to press on either side of the screen to spin the platform and so our block protagonist turn to one side or the other. In this way, and thanks to an interesting physics of objects, we can place it in the ideal piece so that with another press it goes to the opposite side of the platform and merges with the destination.

Thus, as the levels go by, we will discover that XOB will challenge us to other proposals until we are simply blocked in some. The first levels teach us how to finish them, but from the third you will have to look for life to observe and experience. Come on, as you do not work it, you can be blocked without exit to not look for another than go to Google to find an answer or move on to another game.

And that doesn't matter to the XOB developer

When a developer challenges you to try to figure out how to finish the level, just go from freemium. What he tries is to generate another type of experience when you start it from the desktop of your mobile phone to be the first of your colleagues to find the solution of that level in which you have all blocked.


Another of his points is that he even tells us about the amount of advertising we are going to see. Justly An ad every four levels finishes And since they are a total of 24, we can do the calculations and know that XOB has a total of 96 levels so that you literally break the neurons to finish it.


We recommend that you go to Twitter to mention Mr_Tedders, the developer, to ask him on occasion for the solution of any of the levels. We can assure you that you will have to pass on your own so that it gives you some clue to pass them.

An interesting proposal as a game

What we have left with XOB is that we are facing a different game and that he removes from the middle all those premises in which he has to hook the player so that he stays all the minutes he can play it so that he can get all the publicity possible.

24 ads

A different game that technically knows how to play your cards very well to offer all that psychedelia in the given visual style and that is very effective. We must praise the developer for bringing us a different game to many and that technically lives up to giving that special user experience.

XOB comes to the Google Play Store for free to challenge you and that you try to solve all those 96 levels that you have at your disposal. You know, 24 advertisements await you whenever you finish it … What do we think is going to cost you. We leave you with OCO, another very interesting casual with which to freak it out a bit.