Android VPN

The five best VPNs for Android

VPNs have become something of the most common on Android OperaVPN was probably the best known, although this app was retired some time ago from the Play Store. Luckily, there are many alternatives currently available to users. Thanks to them you can navigate in a safe and private way with these apps on the phone.

Therefore, for all those interested in making use of a VPN on Android, the best options available nowadays. Thus, it is allowed to carry out a private navigation and that allows access to content that would otherwise be blocked in a given country.

What are VPNs?

Android VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology which gives the possibility to configure a secure extension of your local network over the Internet. Thanks to it, it is allowed to navigate safely and privately. Therefore, it is an option that enjoys popularity among users who do not want their data to be tracked. Also many companies make use of this type of connections.

An encrypted connection is created with the one that connects to the server, which has to have a VPN service. The device with which the user connects, either a computer or a smartphone, must also have a tool for it (an app in this case). So all the time you are connected, you will navigate in a private way. Since when connected, device IP address not shown in any moment. The IP of that server is displayed.

Therefore, the Privacy and security are the main advantages that the VPN offers to users. It is the main reason why many users make use of this option, both on computer and Android. In addition, another great advantage is that geolocation problems become part of the past. In many cases it happens that content is blocked in some countries. When using a VPN, this problem does not exist. Therefore, all types of content can be accessed without any problem.

One of the main complaints about the use of VPN on Android is that mobile data consumption can be high. Therefore, for users who do not have an unlimited rate, it is better to make use of such connections using a WiFi network.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

The first option on the list has become one of the most successful options among Android users. One of the main advantages it offers is its interface, which is very easy to use. Something that allows any type of user to use this application on your phone. It can also be used on an Android tablet.

Thanks to this VPN you can navigate in a secure and private way throughout the network. The user will be able to keep their location a secret, nor can this information be traced. In addition, as mentioned before, it allows access to all types of content. Therefore, if there are websites that have been blocked in a given country, they can be accessed normally. As if visiting a normal website. Further, It is a good app to use on public WiFis. It will protect user information at all times while using that network.

You can connect up to five devices with a single account. This is a VPN that can be used for free, although there is a limit of MB that can be browsed. If you want to have a greater amount, there are different payment plans to choose from. It is best to try it for free and see if it is something that convinces. If so, bet on a payment plan if it is going to be used a lot. It can be used on Android and also on a computer.

SurfEasy VPN

This second application from the list It is recommended by the creators of Opera VPN. In fact, when their app was closed, they recommended users to switch to this one on their Android phones. It is a good alternative for users who have used Opera in the past. It has a good design, which is quite easy to use on the phone. At the functions level, it meets what is expected of an application of this type.

Thanks to the application you can navigate in a secure and private way, without collecting any user information. It can also be used in open networks, without causing a problem for user security or privacy. Although this VPN has become known for its customer support. It is a very personalized service, which has its own live chat, for any doubt or incident that occurs.

It is one of the most reliable options currently in this field. Also the good valuations of the users give good faith of it. You can choose between a free plan, with monthly navigation limits or payment plans. In the payment plans there are more options to navigate, in addition to having access to additional functions, such as blocking trackers, among others. The app can be downloaded below.