Sony patents what will be the new controls for its PlayStation VR

Currently, reality is having a greater impact due to its reduction in costs, which is why its incursion has reached the world of consoles as is the case of virtual reality glassesPlayStation VR, although it seems that they are far from the standards of quality or immersion offered by their main competitors in the market, their low cost has helped them for their rapid expansion to the point that they have sold much better than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

However, they are not exempt from failures, as they sometimes fail in the manner in whichhow the user interacts with the virtual world, but the company being aware of this has patented what will be its next controllers focused on offering the immersion currently nonexistent at the time of interaction. This patent has been filed bySony Interactive Entertainmentin Japan and which was published earlier this. This controller seems to be the perfect replacement for the current PlayStation Move as they will include aanalog stick in the center of the command.

In other places of the controller it seems that it is equipped with a wide range of buttons, among which is an essential trigger on the back next to what appear to be 4 buttons near what appears to be a circular start button on the top .

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