How to disable the last view function of Google Hangouts

How to disable the last view function of Google Hangouts

The last active function seen or passed has become a regular function for most instant messengers and Hangouts is no different. However, the last characteristic seen is quite feared by some, due to the fact that people come to know when you ignore them. Fortunately, Google has been kind enough to give you the option to disable the last Hangouts view feature. Therefore, if you are having problems with the last view function of Google Hangouts, here we explain how to disable it on different platforms.

Disable last seen in Hangouts web client or extension

If you use Google Hangouts through your web portal, you can only log in to your Google account in the Hangouts web client. Then press the menu button the Burger so that the sidebar appears.

Here, click on " Configuration ". On the Configuration page, uncheck the option "Show last time you were online" to disable the last view function.

You can also disable the last active Hangouts feature through its Chrome extension. You can open the Chrome application, press the hamburger menu button and, in the options, uncheck the "Show last time online" option .

Disable last seen in Gmail web client

If you don’t use the standalone web client or the Hangouts extension and instead use Hangouts in Gmail, you can still turn off the last view.

To do it, simply click on your name Y uncheck the option "Show when was last seen online" .

Disable the last view in the Hangouts application

On android

To disable the last screen in the Hangouts app on an Android smart phone or tablet, simply open the hamburger menu and go to Configuration . Here select your account .

Then, touch the option " Share your status " and simply uncheck the option "last seen" .

On iOS

If you are using Google Hangouts on an iPhone or iPad, you can only go to the Configuration in the application and touch the option " State ".