Another app for Google’s own graveyard: Google Trips

Years ago, when Android was taking its first steps, we had Google Reader as that app that we did not understand the reason that the great G. removed it. Now, even if it is not the same, the same will happen with Google Trips.

The app to go on a trip and meet those recreational sites, beaches, hotels, restaurants or a place to go for a drink, it will disappear this summer as it has been known from Android Police to rename the APK; by the way, it also gives information about museums, exhibitions and more … (not everything is going to be the most hedonistic enjoyment cult).

And we talk about an app that It is very well designed, we talked about it at the time by these lines, and it serves as a great support as a travel companion or leisure guide for those cities that everyone usually visits when they know about the world.

Goodbye Messages

It is in the latest version of Google Trips where you can find an internal message where it says it will be reported to users that the app will disappear to encourage them to search other Google apps for the same features that have made this travel app stand out.

In the code you can find lines that mention farewell messages and that logically express the last goodbye to an app that came with all the winnings, but that seems to have not satisfied the key results that the boss who reviewed these new apps put into their day.

Be that as it may, we already have another Google app in the cemetery and this time it’s Google Trips. If you had it ready to go to New York, Paris or Rome this vacation, you can now look for a substitute from today; Surely you will need it.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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