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ZTE patents a phone with a very concealed perforated screen »ERdC

ZTE patents a phone with a very concealed perforated screen

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The perforated screen design It appeared for the first time at the end of last year. Although the trend was expected this year, Most manufacturers have adhered to notches and pop-up chambers. Most of the phones with perforated screen have been from the same manufacturers that pioneered the design, and are Huawei and Samsung. But nevertheless, 2020 may actually be the year of perforated screens. According to it has been leaking, larger manufacturers will adopt the design. ZTE can also be among adopters, but its design is different from any we have seen.

vivo Z1 Pro with perforated camera

ZTE patent with very concealed perforated screen

A few days ago a patent filed by the company was published in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in April 2019. The patent refers to a "panel, camera device, terminal and display manufacturing method". In this we can see how it describes a telephone with a Perforated camera really small.

Hole size It’s not the interesting part, but where is it. Instead of placing it in the middle of the screen or in the corner, as we have seen in the Galaxy Note 10 and Huawei Nova 5i, respectively, the hole is located between the network and battery icons at the top of the screen. We can still say that it is positioned in the corner, but it is different since the hole is smaller and the cones that flank it on each side make it less noticeable.

Render based on the patent

The popular medium LetsGoDigital has created some renders based on the patent description. Thanks to these we can give us an idea of ​​the design that the device could have. However, we must bear in mind that, since it is a patent, The final product may be different.

The design with the perforated screen in a very small and concealed hole It is not the only thing about the patent. The description also mentions that the phone You won't have a traditional call headset. Seala to use the Sound-on-Display technology or sound emission from the screen. We have seen this technology appear on several phones, such as the LG G8 ThinQ and the Galaxy A80. This technology makes the screen vibrate to transmit sound. It is used to remove the traditional headset, allowing a more complete display device.

The Axon 10 Pro is the flagship of ZTE for 2019. It is a phone that has an affordable price, which made it a candidate for the title of "flagship killer" when it launched The device runs Android almost in stock in the international version, has an AMOLED curved screen, triple cameras with optical zoom and support for wireless charging. We hope your successor will come with better features and we hope you keep your price affordable. Maybe we can see this patented design on the next flagship of the ZTE Axon line.


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ZTE patents a phone with a very concealed perforated screen »ERdC
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