Zombies, shooting and humor in the new role-playing game of Gameloft, Dead Rivals

Zombies, shooting and humor in the new role-playing game of Gameloft, Dead Rivals

Zombies are part of pop culture since movies and series have positioned them as one of the most classic horror elements. The games do not escape that fashion and now comes a proposal from Gameloft in the form of MMORPG, Dead rivals.

This proposal does not take itself too seriously and we see that in something as obvious as the graphics, more similar to those of the comics than to other more realistic games.

The intro also makes it clear, a kinematics that makes the initial download of the data needed to play more enjoyable.

Choosing the character

The first thing we have to do is create our protagonist, for which we will have to choose one of the three classes and assemble it to the teeth.

It is also important to select the skills that will allow us to advance in the game and if we want we can customize it with strange clothes.

Of course, once we choose we can not change it so it is better to be clear.

An open world

How good MMORPG in Dead Rivals We have the possibility of going wherever we want, but always carefully because there will be zombies that try to kill the first change.

And if that wasn't enough there are different bands of humans that control delimited areas and are at war with each other. That is, they can kill us zombies, or they. Great.

We can follow the story line or do side missions to extract all the juice of this game.

He control it's simple. In the left area we have the crosshead to move and if we slide our finger on the right side we will move the camera and see the surroundings. In that same area we have the buttons that activate the different weapons we have equipped.

For some zombies, guns will be enough, and much larger ones will need more forceful things.