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With Music, TV and Podcasts, Apple brings more iOS apps to the Mac

Apple announced Monday its plans to facilitate the development of universal applications that work on both iOS and macOS. This plan is officially known as Project Catalyst (previously known informally as Project Marzipan).

Apple's idea is to make macOS and iOS so integrated, that a single application can be used on either platform without the need to have two different applications of the same service. Apple delinees more details of this project within the framework of WWDC developer event 2019 Well, it is they, the developers, who will make this happen.

Apple, leading the change of making an app that works on all its platforms, launched the MacOS versions of Music, TV and Podcasts, three applications that already exist on iOS. These three apps are not only part of Project Catalyst, but also replace iTunes, an app with almost 20 years of life and that come to an end.

Project Catalyst allow developers to have the tools to make apps for iOS and Mac without the need to modify the code or make major changes, allowing developers to create a single app that reaches iPhone and Mac users.

Apple has officially said that it does not plan to make a single operating system, but its approach to something that Microsoft has tried with Windows 10 is to create universal applications. Just as a user can now download an iPhone app and use it on the iPad, Apple wants to do the same but between iOS and macOS apps. Currently, Apple different App Store for the iPhone and for the Mac, so developers have to create an app for each platform.

This is a news in development. Follow ourLIVE BLOGfrom San Jos with all the details of WWDC 2019.

With Music, TV and Podcasts, Apple brings more iOS apps to the Mac
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