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What IP68 certification means on an Android phone

Android water

At present, when we consult the specifications of an Android smartphone, it is increasingly common that we meet the IP68 certification. When talking about it, it is often described as resistance to water and dust. It is also common to hear then that the phone is submersible. Although to many people, these descriptions are something that generates many doubts about the phone.

What does it mean when on Android we see that the phone is IP68 certified? Since it is a characteristic that is of great importance in this specific model. For what is important know what is meant in that case by mentioning it on the phone.

Having a phone with an IP68 certification is something that can save you a lot of trouble to users, in case this phone falls into the water. Since it avoids these headaches about what to do or what not if the phone has been wet. We must know that we find varying degrees of protection in this regard.

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In Android we can have phones that have a different certification. In all cases, the IP letters are used to indicate it. Although the figures that come behind may vary. Each of these numbers determines the degree of protection against dust (the first of the digits) and against water (the second). Therefore, we can see phones with IP68, IP67 or IP55. In this sense there are several different levels in the phones.

What does the IP68 certification mean?

Samsung with water drops

In this specific case, we focus on the IP68 certification. It is usual that we see phones on Android, especially in the high-end, make use of it. One of the doubts of many people in this regard is whether it is then possible to submerge the phone. But this is something that depends on various factors. But in the case of this specific certification, it is normal for phones to allow certain functions.

For example, an Android smartphone that has IP68 is submersible to one meter deep for half an hour at most This is something we usually find on these phones. In addition, it must be taken into account that it is only resistance to fresh water. This is an essential aspect, which we must be very clear at all times. Therefore, this function cannot be used on the beach.

Because it is not possible? In the case of salt water, if the phone falls into the water, there is a great risk of corrosion. Something that does not happen in fresh water, so that in this type of water it is possible. On the other hand we find dust resistance. The IP68 certification means that the phone guarantees a strong resistance to dust and dirt. Even if the phone is used without a case at any time.

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Vernee Active water resistance

Normally, these tests are done in a controlled way in a laboratory. Therefore, some minimums that the phone can resist, which are those mentioned above, are established. Although there is the possibility that there are some Android smartphones that resist more than what is mentioned. But it is something that can depend on each phone. It is possible that a smartphone that has IP68 certification can take photos from deep in the pool. Or that it lasts more than half an hour underwater. It may be so, but it is a personal risk.

In fact, if a use is made that comes out of these recommendations or minimums that the manufacturer establishes, it is possible that the warranty will not cover such repair. So it can pose a significant risk, which surely many people will not want to go through in that case. It is best to use it with a head at all times, thus avoiding misuse.

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What IP68 certification means on an Android phone
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