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These are all the adjustments you have made globally

Pokmon GO Android

Pokmon GO, which I recently announced your competitive online mode, continues to incorporate news to keep its large mass of active players. A few days ago the popular augmented reality application confirm the return of Regirock, Regice and Registeel to the raids and now he has announced that, to improve the gaming experience, they have tried new gameplay options worldwide.

Through a statement on its website, the team responsible for Pokmon GO has announced that some players will experience certain changes soon since they have been testing new playability options worldwide. The purpose of these adjustments is not to improve the gaming experience more and more so that it is the most interesting for everyone. In addition, they also claim to have listened to the community to improve in those aspects of the mobile game that work and those that don't.

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Pokmon GO has made, for some time, some changes in the game design, such as give more objects in areas with less Pokparadas, introduce different lots in the stores and adapt the levels of the incursions to the communities. Some adjustments that have been made with the idea put in helping to offer The best experience To all the players in the world.

Pokmon GO players will experience changes soon

The company also emphasizes that its latest release, legendary raid timeIt has been very useful to improve the event, something that has also been possible thanks to the feedback from the Pokmon GO community. The team responsible for the game announces that in the near future it is possible that users notice some changes due to the launch of new functions.

Therefore, and to ensure that users do not suffer a bad experiencePokmon GO will study the game's functions carefully and how they are accessed. In the same way, from Niantic they wanted to take advantage of the statement to thank both the support and the comments received from the Pokmon GO community, and ensure that They hope to continue growing and get the game to evolve.

Finally, they also announce that their intention is implement changes for all coaches When they have determined what is the best course of action based on what they have learned in small-scale tests. As always, remember be alert to your surroundings while you enjoy Pokmon GO to avoid any danger and not to disturb others.

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