The most common Samsung Galaxy S10 problems and their solutions

The most common Samsung Galaxy S10 problems and their solutions

Ms cell phones top from Samsung, the Galaxy S10 are great in every way, of the best you can buy right now, any of them. They have an extremely attractive design, very versatile cameras and powerful hardware, among many other interesting qualities. But as usual, nothing is perfect: we tell you what are the most common Samsung Galaxy S10 problems and how to solve them, both the Galaxy S10 and the largest in size, S10 Plus, and the smallest, S10e. Do not be afraid, they are easily resolved, especially after you have read everything that comes next.

Samsung Galaxy S10 problemsJulian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Problem: The Bluetooth connection disappears if the screen turns off

An interrupted Bluetooth connection can be extremely annoying, especially if it disappears while using Bluetooth headphones / headphones or when listening to songs in the car. Unfortunately, several S10 users complain that their phones are losing their bluetooth connections while they are being used, interrupting songs, podcasts and phone calls.

Most people realize that, although the Bluetooth is connected without problems at first, it is disconnected randomly while the screen is off, only to reconnect once the cell phone is on.


  • The problem seems to be due to the fact that the mobile application optimization settings cause them to turn off while the screen is off, regardless of whether it is being used or not.
  • If your problem is with a specific application like Spotify, you can disable optimization only for that application. To do this, go to Settings> Applications, press the three points in the upper right and select Special access> Optimize the use of the battery. Make sure the drop-down box at the top says Everyone, then scroll down and uncheck Spotify or any application you are using.
  • If your problem is with the bluetooth connection of your car, follow the previous method and disable the management of the bluetooth battery in the section Optimizing battery usage.

Problem: weak LTE / 4G connection

The 5G network will be incredible when fully operational, but currently 4G is still the best for most users. That is why it is very annoying when it does not work. Many users report that their Galaxy S10 Plus has an extremely weak 4G connection, and is loading web pages and other content very slowly, while switching between 4G and 3G. But it is not just a problem with the S10 Plus, since Galaxy S10 users have also reported the problem.

Most of the people who have reported the problem used the cell phone through the Sprint network, although a complaint comes from Vodafone in Egypt, so it may not be totally related to your operator.


  • Unfortunately, it is waiting for the next update. Samsung has recognized the existence of the problem and is working on a software update that we hope will solve it. So if you're upset about the problem, it's just a matter of waiting for it to arrive. To manually search for an update, go to Settings> Software update> Download and install.

Problem: Short battery life

With batteries with considerably more capacity than those of the previous flagships of the S range, the new Galaxy S10 range has a much improved battery life. However, some users are reporting that their cell phones do not offer all the autonomy they should, and that some lose 30 percent of their charge when they stop using overnight. This problem mainly affects Samsung Exynos versions equipped with chips from the S10 range, which use most cell phones outside the US. While Exynos chips have traditionally seen worse battery performance than their American counterparts, this problem is too extreme to be a simple difference between processors.

It seems that the problem is two. The first is in the proximity sensors of the device, which means that the cell phone screen accidentally turns on while in a pocket or purse, which increases battery consumption. The second problem is an error that prevents the phone's battery saving function from activating after the cell phone has completed a VoIP call in applications such as Skype or WhatsApp. It has been confirmed that this second fault only affects S10 cell phones with Exynos.

Unfortunately, there is still no permanent solution to either error, although there are solutions for both.

Alternative solutions:

  • To prevent the proximity sensor error from affecting you, it is best to turn off the Always on view function and the “Raise to wake up” function (Lift to wake).
  • Go to Settings> Lock screen and uncheck Always in sight.
  • Then go to Settings> Advanced functions> Movements and gesturesand uncheck Lift to wake you up.
  • The solution to the problem related to VoIP calls is not permanent. You must restart the cell phone after each VoIP call to eliminate the error and allow the sleep mode to be activated.
  • Alternatively, you can avoid such VoIP services, but considering that voice messages are included in applications such as Facebook Messenger, this can be a bit complicated.

Problem: Overheating

Millions of people love Samsung phones, but with the background of the Galaxy Note 7, people will get nervous when their device starts to heat up. Hot phones are not a problem, of course, but many people have reported that their phones get very hot with regular use. This problem is affecting the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and also the S10e. While some users are simply finding their hot phones to touch, the problem is more severe for others, with some cell phones simply dying from excessive heating.


Unfortunately, there seems to be no solution at the consumer level. Contact Samsung or your provider and request a change or repair.

Bug: Samsung Pay popup

If you are totally tied to the Samsung ecosystem, then you can use Samsung Pay to make easy contactless payments anywhere. But even those who give up the service are finding pop-ups that invite you to use this Samsung application, and people are struggling to make them disappear. The pop-up window is activated from the lock screen and the Samsung Pay application appears to open directly. Great if you want to buy something, but desperate if you want to check your messages.