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The 12 best Android 10 Q tricks to take advantage of your mobile

Android 10

Android 10 is the latest version of Android available in the market. Although at the moment there are few phones that have received the update officially, an important part of users already has the latest pie? of Google. Models such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus, the OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro, the Google Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, 3 XL, 4 and 4XL or the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro they are some of the mobile compatible with Android Q. We have had the opportunity to test the update on a OnePlus 6T and we have compiled several of the best Android 10 tricks to get the most out of the mobile.

Share WiFi using a QR code

Although it is a feature based on layers such as MIUI and EMUI, the truth is that it has not been until the last version of Android when Google has decided to implement such a serial function.

The process is as simple as going to the Wi-Fi and Internet section in the Settings application and clicking on the network in which we are connected. Next click on Share and automatically generate a QR code. A password will also be generated with the original characters of the router password.

share wifi qr android code 10

If we want to connect to a network using this method, just click on the QR code icon to appear in the same section and scan the code in question using the mobile camera.

Change the default Android theme

Although Android Q still does not support third-party themes, it does support a greater degree of customization than Android 9 Pie thanks to the Personalization section included in the Settings application.

change android theme 10

In this section we can change aspects of the system as the source, the icon pack or their form (round, square …), accent color and a long etctera.

Activate parental control to control your children

The arrival of Android 10 has led to the launch of a new platform called Family Link with which we can activate a parental control within each Android mobile No need to resort to external applications.

The question option can be found in the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control section within the Android Settings application. Now we just have to configure parental control in the homnimo option and connect the account with Family Link.

family link google android 10 tricks

From the platform enabled for this we can control aspects ofor phone usage time, downloading applications from Google Play or access to certain web pages. All of

Or choose a custom Dark Mode

The last version of Android integrates, finally, the native dark mode. Thanks to this we can change the color of the system to a dark black to reduce the energy impact of the screen on the battery.

Enough with slide the notification bar to activate this mode in quick settings. We can also access the previous Personalization section, or failing that, the Screen.

Any application without its corresponding Dark Mode? From the Developer Options, we can activate by pressing several times on the Build Number Within Device Information, we can force Dark Mode in a really simple way. Within this we will find a option called Force dark mode.

force dark mode

Once we have activated the option in question, all applications will turn black.