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Tablets with Quad HD screens for all budgets: the best options


Tablets with Quad HD screens for all budgets: the best options

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March 12, 2018

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Yesterday we brought you a selection with those that can now be considered the best multimedia tablets, but for this we took into account factors that go beyond resolution. As a complement to that top 5 and for those who are looking for more specifically are tablets with Quad HD screens (or nearby), we see today the best options, some with prices very interesting.

All selected in our top 5 with the best multimedia tablets

As we have said, it is not the only factor we had in mind to choose them, but it is certainly one that we had present and any of the tablets that you can find in the selection that we have linked to you above will allow you to enjoy the best resolution , and accompany it in addition to other key factors to achieve a good image, in addition to better sound and some fluency (for some we highlight them as the best multimedia tablets).

internet on your tablet

Some of them, especially Windows tablets, such as Surface Pro and the Galaxy Book 12, or the iPad Pro 10.5, are very expensive options, but there are others that are not so much. Remember, for example, that the Galaxy Tab S3 It has dropped a lot in price lately and has been found on Amazon for some 550 euros, and we still have more affordable options such as Galaxy Tab S2, an old model but with a still fantastic screen and that can be bought for a few 350 euros, or as the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, which is usually seen on offer for up to less than 300 euros. Even the brand new MediaPad M5 10 arrives with a relatively low price, for 400 euros.

A more affordable option: 8-inch tablets

Another option that should not be taken into account if we are looking for tablets with the best resolution but we have a tighter budget, is to bet on the compact versions of the best tablets. For example, we do not know how much time you can still have iPad mini 4, but still can be found and its screen is better than that of the iPad 9.7 (same in resolution, but with the advantage of being laminated).

Huawei MediaPad M3 car game

We must also bear in mind that the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 It still has a lot of presence and lately we have been seeing it even for less than 300 euros on Amazon. In that price range you can not stop mentioning the MediaPad M3, although we may be interested in investing a little more (350 euros) and opt for the new one MediaPad M5 8, which comes with a more powerful processor, with Android Oreo and with some other small improvements (including some for the screen).

Cheapest Quad HD tablets: Chinese tablets to consider

One of the great advantages of chinese tablets when we compare them with those sold directly in our country, it is precisely the one that is much easier to find models with 2048 x 1536 or 2560 x 1600 resolution (depending on the size and format) with really low prices, even in the range of 10 inches: within Android tablets, few are there, removing the My Pad 3, that will raise us from 250 euros, normally.

Among all the options we have available, and apart from the most popular of XiaomiIn recent times, at least three have come to light that are worth mentioning, because in addition to a high resolution they have proven to be quite capable, in general: they are the Teclast T10 and the Teclast T8 and the Cube X9 Freer, although this is cheaper (it is closer to 150 euros) but it is already a little more fair and arrives with Android Marshmallow (that is, without split screen, among other things).

Where to put the limit?

We will end with a small warning, because between Chinese and other low-cost tablets, it is easy to find tablets with Quad HD resolutions and even lower prices. It must be taken into account, however, that it is often sought to attract attention with a spectacular screen and the price is lowered by accompanying it with very low power processors (in addition to several cuts in terms of finishes and other issues) that can be appreciate that sometimes they have Difficulties working with such high pixel densities.

The furthest we would recommend you to get, in this sense, is probably the resolution 2048 x 1536 of the iPad and still, it does not hurt to look for references to ensure that its operation is acceptable. One of the most solid in this regard is the FNF iFive mini 4s. The safest, however, is probably to settle for a resolution tablet Full HD, which for most will be more than enough resolution and that will probably leave us a more balanced device. We must insist, once again, that resolution is not everything when it comes to enjoying a good multimedia tablet.

Tablets with Quad HD screens for all budgets: the best options
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