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So you can earn $ 1,000 dollars for watching movies and series on Disney Plus

work see disney plusDisney fans can receive a great reward for their loyalty. If you have seen all the Disney movies that have been made and you have the Disney Plus release date marked in a circle on your calendar, then we have the job of your dreams: a review company offers to pay $ 1,000 dollars to see the movies and Subscription platform series.

The job description, which can be found on the Reviews site, is intended for Disney fans 18 and older who are US citizens or permanent residents of that country. If you are chosen, you will have to watch 30 movies or programs on Disney Plus for 30 days. In exchange for the task, you would receive $ 1,000 as a reward, plus a free one-year subscription to Disney Plus and a Disney kit that includes a Mickey Mouse blanket and a Pixar machine to make popcorn.

To apply, you just have to complete the form on the work page that is on the site, then cross your fingers and ask your fairy godmother to choose your name. As part of the application process, you must send a video with a review of Your favorite Disney movie. You have until November 7 to apply for this job, because Disney Plus will start airing from November 12.

Although the field of streaming services continues to receive new options, Disney Plus is perhaps larger than any emerging streaming service, since almost all Disney classics will be available to broadcast for only $ 6.99 per month. The extensive library will also include Marvel movies, Pixar movies, Lucasfilm movies (like the entire series and Star Wars derivatives), in addition to National Geographic content.

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