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New section of Smartphones and Tablets in EAL with all the information and your participation

During these past weeks we have been working to offer you a better experience when looking for smartphones or tablets with all your information on our page. Until now you either found the articles or searched with the search engine or you accessed the section that was nothing more than an ordered list category. We have decided to apply the Holo and Google Now style of Information Cards to make a page dedicated to all the most important android smartphones that At a glance you can see them, compare them, value them and access all the information about them.

At the moment some of the most important ones are added, but we still have to add many more, as well as more information, but all that we will do little by little, trust us and you will see that it looks good. Apart from very visual design of the cards it emphasizes above all the possibility that you, the real users of Rate smartphones for their quality and results.

We have included three valuation fields, but in the future we may add some more. They are, Hardware, Software and Camera, and are valued from 1 to 10, being 1, ominous or mediocre and 10 excellent. The system averages the scores and obtains a result that adds to the rest of the users.

It is important to note that this assessment is only made by those who have said terminal or tablet, so you can only vote a limited number of products.

In the coming weeks we will expand the number of devices, add functions and there will be surprises. Hopefully you like it and find it useful, if you find a bug or have suggestions, when you hover your mouse over the Android of each Card, you can click to report a bug.

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<p>You can access the sections in the menu at the top as the image shows. But I leave the direct links so you can go see it now.</p>
<p style=Smartphones section

Tablets section