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Lollipop is currently the most popular Android delivery


Lollipop is currently the most popular Android delivery

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March 9, 2016

Android Lollipop

New month and new adoption data on the Android platform: Lollipop becomes the most extended version of the system after surpassing Kitkat. It is on its way to two years of travel and, after a slow start, devices with material design begin to draw a majority. Although the presence of Marshmallow It's still discreet, its influence multiplied by two in just one month.

Kitkat and Jelly Bean represent the bastion of what Holo, the design language that pushed Android to take a truly qualitative leap, inaugurated with Ice Cream Sandwich. This segment is still dominant, however, behind the spectacular growth of Marshmallow and Lollipop, a solid renewal is underway. In the coming months, the updates to Android 6.0 of some of the best-selling models in 2015 and the sale of the new flagships of the big firms, will end up propping up the turn towards the material design.

Lillipop Marshmallow Adoption

The sequence of a version

We see that every new version of Android maintains a pattern always very similar: 1) difficulties at first to open space (phase Nexus) – 2) incipient but moderate growth (first high-end being updated) – 3) burst (launch of new flagship) – 4) grow back at cruising speed – 5) plain and – 6) drop by replacement Basically what in mathematics is known as the normal curve or Gaussian bell.

While Lollipop is between the third and fourth phase, Marshmallow is in the second shortly after putting the first foot in the third. Both represent the new regime on Android, while Kitkat and Jelly Bean will exhibit a progressive decline. Of course, there is still a long time for the total replacement to occur, the representatives of the Holo design remain as a testimony of a Historic moment in the baggage of the platform: a period of spectacular growth in which the devotion of many users was conquered.

A third group already in the margins

Froyo Y Gingerbread they are the only reflection still with some presence of the origins of the platform, however, many other versions have been erased from the map of a year to this part. Android 2.3 He led the adoption rates of the system for a long time. It is difficult to carry out a forecast on the equipment that keeps them afloat, it will depend in many cases on what the hardware endures, as long as the terminals continue tearing off there will be people who continue to use them here or there.

Source: Android Developers.

Lollipop is currently the most popular Android delivery
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