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If you are freemium, in F1 Manager you have the official license

F1 Manager comes to Android to try to take the throne away from Motosport Manager, a true Formula 1 simulator that has now come out this competitor who pulls more freemium.

That is, it takes the basics of the aforementioned to introduce the freemium with those boxes to unlock, time to wait to get new drivers and get those improvements to continue progressing. Let's see if you really beat Motosport Manager and nothing remains but an "attempt."

Does the freemium outperform the premium?

It is very clear that F1 Manager perfectly imitates Motosport Manager although doing it from the perspective of the freemium. While in the second we will have all the content after having gone through the box (a few euros), in F1 Manager we will have to put part of our life time to get improvements, objects …

F1 Manager Android

So we talk that in Motosport we can access that content when we really want, while in which we have now in hand, to reach the best content may spend months and months …

F1 Manager puts you before the control and management of a Formula 1 team, although with the competition officials. What is an important difference against which we compare it. So he has quite won, since you will be able to compete against Hamilton, Vettel …

Identical gameplay in F1 Manager

This is how first we will enter manage the first race in which we will have the possibility to make decisions so that some of the 2 pilots that we have on the track step on the accelerator or calm down so that we can save tires and not spend them and stretch the laps. This means that we can send them to the pits at any time for that change of wheels and feel in our meats the own competition of Formula 1.


So we will go to the next race with 2 new drivers which will be incorporated into our team after unlocking a box. This is where we go directly to the freemium and that we see in a multitude of games. The only difference is that we will have the vision of being able to observe a whole race, make decisions and unlock those most famous pilots.

I mean, that they have made a cocktail with the freemium formula of micropayments and everything that has to do with Formula 1, always based on Motosport Manager. What do you want us to say, we are left with the original that, although it does not have the official competition, everything related to this sport feels much better.

Freemium again

It's being a nightmare, but it's like that, F1 Manager is pure freemium, so if you have a wallet, you can pull it to advance faster and leave those players without pasta behind. Even so, it has some series of qualities such as what the career itself is and those menus with hundreds of things.


Technically it's pretty good and it is surprising how well the overtaking is carried out. To say that we can focus our pilots almost at the foot of the track and that we can also move on to a more strategic mode where the circles will represent each one of the pilots who are killing each other to reach the finish line.

F1 Manager could have been much more if they had worked it out to sell it at the premium, but knowing how things are going now and how thousands of players will try it; among them those whales that will release euros and euros, prefer to go to the sun that warms the most. A pity, because we are left with the desire to have a merger between Motosport Manager and the official licenses of this sport in which cars fly along the track.

We will have to wait for pass this freemium fever or finally resign. Luckily we have up to Motosport Manager 3 to really enjoy what Formula 1 is and not this "adepson" of F1 Manager.

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If you are freemium, in F1 Manager you have the official license
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