recuperar archivos borrados

How to recover deleted files from your computer

Surely you have lived on more than one occasion the following situation: by mistake you have deleted those photos from the hard drive that you loved so much. Or you have unintentionally deleted a series of files and realized too late. The first thing you think is that there is no solution to this problem. Nothing is further from reality. The best solution? EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the Best program to recover deleted files.

We talk about a program, available for Windows and Mac, that will avoid more than an unnecessary fright. More than anything, because with this powerful software you can recover any type of lost information: photos, files, documents … The best? That you can retrieve information from any device. In this way, you will not only be able to avoid the loss of data on your hard drive. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard It is capable of recovering lost data USB drives, memory cards and, ultimately, any storage device.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard not only serves to recover deleted files

Yes, besides allowing you recover files deleted by mistake In any storage unit, this software, which should not be missing on your computer with Windows 10 or Mac, also has other functions. In this way, it is able to partition your hard drive, make backup copies, clone configurations in case you have to format your computer to have it as the first day…. It is clear that it is not a simple data recovery program, but a complete manager to have everything controlled.

Another of the great advantages of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, is that this program has a very simple and intuitive interface so that, with just a few clicks, you can have in your possession any file you deleted by mistake. And, what is better, you can let it perform a deep search on your different storage units, in a certain folder or even in the recycle bin. More easy impossible!

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As you can see, this free file recovery software is very easy to use. But why have we said it is free? Because you can download the trial version to confirm that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is what you need. The only thing you should do is install it on your PC and follow the steps indicated by the program to recover any type of lost file, be they documents, images, sound files …

Of course, you have to keep in mind that with this version you can only recover a maximum of 2 GB of files deleted by mistake. For this reason, the best option is to buy the Pro version, which does not have any type of limitation. More taking into account that now you can buy EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with a 50 percent discount for the first month. An essential program if you are looking for a quality software with which to recover deleted files unintentionally, have backup copies of all the information you store on your hard drives, in addition to the peace of mind of knowing that you will never lose information from your computer. What are you waiting for to try it!