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How to delete several applications at once on Android

Uninstall Expert

The accumulation of garbage in the form of applications in our terminals is something that We suffer most users. While Google puts on its side an option that will allow us to eliminate those applications we have not used in a specific space of time, the process of cleaning and decongestion of our terminal we have to do it manually.

If the number of applications that you have accumulated in your terminal is so large that it began to cost you to find a specific application, the time has come to Do cleaning at our terminal. If we have many applications installed, natively we can only remove one by one. Fortunately we have a solution in the Play Store called Uninstall Expert.

Uninstall Expert is a simple application that does what it promises: remove applications together, which allows us to quickly clean our terminal without spending several hours eliminating applications one by one through the different options that Google offers us through the version of Android that we have installed. It also allows us to disable them to stop showing up on our team but they will still be there for when we need them.

Uninstall Expert, not only allows us to delete the applications that we have installed on our equipment and that come from both the Play Store and other media, but also allows us to remove applications from the system, an ideal function if we want to get rid of some native applications of our equipment, although we must be very careful when doing so, lest our terminal stop working.

Remove applications jointly on Android

Delete applications on Android at the same time

  • First, we must select the applications we want to remove from our terminal, checking the box corresponding to each one.
  • Then, click on Uninstall to proceed to eliminate them from our team.
  • Next, an information window will be displayed that will ask us for confirmation if we really want to remove it from each of the applications.

As we can see, what this app really does is create a macro through Android that is responsible for requesting the system to erase it, a process that we can do manually but that will take us much longer than doing it with this application, since we only have to confirm that we want to eliminate it.

Uninstall Expert is available for free in the Play Store, contains ads only at the bottom of the screen, so at no time are they annoying and hinder the use of the application as if it happens in other applications or games.

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