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Google Maps let you know if your taxi deviates from the route

App Cabify on Android mobile

This summer, Google introduced a feature in the Maps app for Android that notify users in case their taxi deviates from the marked route, even giving the possibility of alerting family or friends in case the situation could get complicated.

Initially, the function, called ?Stay safer?, was uniquely and exclusively available in India, where it seems that a large number of people limit their mobility options between cities due to security-related causes, and where check that the taxi does not deviate from the route It is a frequent practice.

Everything indicates that the reception of this novelty was positive. So much, as they explain in XDA-Developers, Google is starting to expand the availability of this feature to other countries beyond India.

In addition to India, over the past few days of United States and the Netherlands They have been able to verify how Google Maps introduced the function in question. Thanks to it, several tools are offered, including the possibility of Receive a warning if the taxi leaves the planned route, as well as the possibility of share the route live with friends or family.

?If your driver deviates more than 0.5 KM from the suggested Google Maps route, your phone will issue a prominent notification, and you can touch it to see how it compares to the original route.

Currently, applications like Uber or Cabify They already include functions similar to the new Google Maps tool, which allow you to send alerts during a trip. However, so far there is no universal tool that could be used independently of the chosen means of transport. And considering that millions of people around the world use the Google navigation and maps app, Maps seems the ideal platform for a service like this.

Once available, the option appears at the bottom of the Google Maps screen, in a button located on the toolbar called ?Stay safe?. For now, it does not seem that this function is available in Spain, although it is likely that you do not have to wait much longer until your arrival.

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