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Google Assistant begins to be available in Waze

Waze speed limits

There are many users who have become accustomed to using Waze on a daily basis to go to work, go shopping, a trip or any type of travel that you have to do both inside and outside the city to be informed at all times of any accident located on its route, last minute works in addition to the traffic status information so Avoid wasting time queuing.

Although little by little, Google Maps has been implementing many of the functions available in Waze, which could indicate that sooner or later this application that Google bought a few years ago could disappear, something very likely seeing Google policy in recent years. However, for now, it continues adding new functions.


And I say for the moment, since a few hours ago, We can interact with Waze through Google Assistant, although at the moment it is through specific commands such as “Ok google, report traffic” or “Ok Google, avoid tolls” to change the route that has been established.

For now, This new functionality is limited to the United States for terminals that are configured in English, so we will have to wait to see how this test develops and if it finally expands to more countries.

What does Waze offer us?

Thanks to Waze we can reach our destination faster as it allows us to avoid the areas with the highest traffic. It informs us of the estimated arrival time (ETA) based on real-time traffic and allows us to save on gas by offering us the cheapest gas station on the route. It is compatible with Android Auto and allows us to listen to our favorite music or podcast while using the application.

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Google Assistant begins to be available in Waze
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