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Connect all your Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit with the latest from Mi Fit

Keeping a more or less precise control of the exercise, and without having to spend a lot of money, is more than possible with the famous Xiaomi Mi Band. Through the evolution of the different versions we have an accessory that follows our steps, counts the calories, the floors raised … And transmits all the information to the Mi Fit app. Or to other applications, there are synchronization alternatives.

Have a Xiaomi Mi Band and linking it with Mi Fit is a simple process. The problem comes when we want to add a new wearable since until now it was not possible: we had to unlink the previous one. This changes with the latest version of Mi Fit: now you can add all the wearables you have in your possession. Of course, with a limitation.

You can add several devices to Mi Fit, but only one will remain synchronized

Connect all your Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit with the latest from Mi Fit

Having several Xiaomi Mi Band is common, also have a watch like the Amazfit Bip and a bracelet. It is my case, for example. And until now I had to eliminate the linking of one to synchronize the other, which was a small nuisance. With the latest update the process of improving move between several devices; although you have to decide for one when synchronizing with the mobile.

The novelty is really practical for everyone who has several devices compatible with the Xiaomi application. Adding more than one device is a simple process: just go to the account, look at the connected wearable and press on the lower button, the «Add new device«. The process is guided to be super simple; without the app forcing you to unlink the previous device. And once you finish My Fit will ask you which of the additives you want to keep active.

Connect all your Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit with the latest from Mi Fit

Each of the wearables linked to My fit will appear in the list showing the status. The one that remains active will show the current information; keeping the rest as «Not activated«. In the case of wanting to change you just have to press on the wearable in question: after a process of a few seconds it will be the one that will be synchronized using the Bluetooth of the phone.

The current version of Mi fit is 3.5.9. The update is already operational in the Google Play Store, so you can go now to download it. In addition, and apart from being able to connect all your devices, Mi Fit improves the user experience and adds improvements to the Amazfit Cor.