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Auto Chess is a special DOTA mod for your Android mobile

Auto Chess is a new online game where you can duel against 7 other players, although from the most recognized tabletop in the world, chess. Of course, with other types of rules and with a lot of action due to the great variety of units that we will have in our possession.

A game created by Drodo and which is a mod of the great DOTA. Try to be a rock tree way of understanding what has been this game so ancestral and so played today. A title for Android that is in the public beta phase and also holds a great display in the technical and visual.

Practice your best strategies

Auto Chess simply takes what a chess board is so that we can go placing our chips and then they attack each other in combat time. That is, we will have a series of seconds to release a counted limit of pieces on the board so that, after the time of preparation, we will go to the combat where they will fight alone with their life points, melee attack, magic …


The funny thing is that we will face in the same game against 7 other players, although we will always see a single one that will be the one we will beat in that round. As there will be many rounds, we will have moments to challenge everyone at the table and thus add points or subtract them. It will depend on that we get a better position to end the game.

Auto chess

All the chips we have, or combat units, are generated randomly for each player, although we will have the possibility of choosing a few to add them to our small army. These figures can go up three levels and for this we will have to add three of the same type, so you must decide well which are the figures to choose in order to have a more powerful army.

Atiza the first in Auto Chess

The important thing is that you know the different files. We have those of melee, those of distance, those of magic and many others that you will discover. Each of them will form special formations as we place them on the game board, so take it patiently, since there is game for a while.

Choosing figures

Another of Auto Chess's points is that it is in Spanish. That is, that the tutorial, after passing it, you can return to it or read the rules of the game, since you have to know well that you will have a limit number of chips per game. If you pass, one will be chosen automatically to leave the round and have to wait for the next one to enter the game.


Auto Chess is an essentially multiplayer game in which you will have to beat with hundreds of players from all over the world. You can get special items to use in games, so read the description well to know where you can use it and at what time it would be the best to get the most out of it.

In beta a special DOTA mod

Auto Chess is in beta and is a very special DOTA mod (that famous multiplayer online game), but you can still play scary to discover a game that needs strategy, time on your part and patience as a great weapon. Time we say because every time the fight begins, those tens of seconds will be the same for all the players of the game.


A game that technically it's very good and in which the design of his characters stands out. Attention also to the tabletop perfectly set with its shadows and those effects that make us face a striking game. Now we hope that they continue playing it, as they do hundreds, so that the multiplayer is very large.

Auto Chess arrives at the Google Play Store eager to position itself as one of the most striking online table games. Especially for that touch of action combat and pure strategy in which we have to place the pieces wisely on the board. And if he gives you chess …

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Auto chess

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  • From DOTA
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  • Multitude of different cards

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Auto Chess is a special DOTA mod for your Android mobile
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