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Apple increase the functions of the new U1 chip of the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have a new chip called by Apple U1 that is responsible for drastically improving the location indoors. This new chip uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology and allows, for example, locate other nearby devices to send anything by AirDrop.

In case you don't know, UWB is a short-range communications protocol similar to Bluetooth. Although it can also be used in a similar way, the great advantage is that UWB is much, much more accurate than Bluetooth, is a kind of "GPS scale room."

At the moment Apple is only using it in AirDrop to locate the devices that are closest, it works in 3 dimensions and is able to locate them at the moment, your iPhone will receive a small eptic response just when you are pointing to another iPhone 11. However Apple's plans with this technology can go much further.

two iPhone 11 Pro

Several patents already show the power of the U1 chip

The location of objects could be the main “power” of this new U1 chip that could be closely related to the alleged “locator labels” that Apple could launch very soon. These labels may stand on different objects and the iPhone will be able to show us its exact place within a room, even if we don't have coverage or GPS signal.

But this is only the beginning, these types of sensors can be really useful in a connected home. They will be able to know your exact location inside your home, know when you leave a room to turn off the lights or when you reach the door to open it automatically. And all this without you having to do anything.


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The possibilities of this new technology are incredible and surely from now on Apple does not launch any device without this new chip. It may not be something that we will use soon, but in the future it may be fundamental.

Apple increase the functions of the new U1 chip of the iPhone 11
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