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An irreparable bug allows you to run Linux on the Nintendo Switch

The most recent Nintendo console, theNintendo SwitchContinue with your adventure in the world of the scene as the renowned groupfail0verflow, of which its main achievements highlight finding essential exploits for loading backups on consoles such as the PlayStation 3, they have decided to take a break from the PlayStation 4 to make their pranks on what is the Nintendo Switch.

The fail0verflow group has found a security breach in the hybrid console in the form of a bug which serves toload the Linux operating system into the console, and said bug cannot be patched by software by Nintendo, at the same time asgrants access to boot ROM, which allows you to enter code that is executed by the console processor when you turn it on or restart it, so you can directly load the Linux operating system.

Said bug will be corrected in the future only by launching a new batch of Nintendo Switch consoles which are already protected against said bug, so consoles that have already been sold over the next few months are essentially susceptible to such failure, for what you just have to expect is achieved from this bug that is a value added to the console.

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An irreparable bug allows you to run Linux on the Nintendo Switch
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