a patent describes the future of custom avatars

a patent describes the future of custom avatars

The Memojis are already one more way and express themselves in the Apple ecosystem. After the popularization of the emojis from Apple, they introduced the Animojis to take advantage of the TrueDepth camera. A year later the Memojis arrived, which are based on faces and not on animals and other creatures of emojis. They have been copied to satiety, but now a new patent shows how they can be created automatically based on a photograph.

The Apple patent that AppleInsider collects is titled "Technique to create an avatar from image data". It is a title that gives enough clues to understand what the idea is about. It is literally what the title indicates: create an avatar in the form of Memoji analyzing the characteristics of a photograph.


The method analyze the facial attributes recognized in the image. From these attributes he will choose not only the hair, the eyes, the skin tone and other features, but also the facial expression (sad, cheerful, serious, laughing …) that appears in the photograph.

A certainly interesting functionality that will allow create Memojis more quickly and consequently use them more often. Currently, you have to create them manually by choosing one by one the facial attributes among a multitude of available options. It's not complicated, but it's tedious.

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For now we are only before a patent And maybe it never comes true. Theoretical technology is available, if Apple knows something after creating Face ID / TrueDepth it is facial recognition. We will see if with iOS 14 it becomes a reality or with future versions.

Goes | Apple Insider

         Automatic memojis from photographs: a patent describes the future of personalized avatars