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A new Sega classic for free on the Play Store: Dynamite Headdy

Sega classics keep coming to the Google app store in its two free and paid variants. The last to arrive is Dynamite Headdy, a platform game that reminds Sonic but is even more thug.

This is seen in the graphics, colorists and pixelated, but also in the surreal of their final bosses or in the gestures of the main character.

This is the international version, not the Japanese version that had other final bosses and a lower level of difficulty.

A classic arcade that allows saving

This game is a classic platform proposal in which the protagonist can go from one side to the other by moving around the board but also jumping or crouching.

For this we will have a crosshead on the right side and several buttons on the right. These will also allow us to attack by throwing our head forward, hence the name of the game.

One of the differences with most games of this type is that allows us to save simply by touching a button, located in the upper right. In addition there is another that allows us to go back in time 15 seconds, in case we regret any decision we have made. The cost will be to see an ad to perform that action.

Many heads and more final bosses

Dynamite Headdy's weapon is his head, which we can launch by attacking and hitting our enemies. We have 18 different that we can collect in the game.

It will be useful to be able to fight with the 28 final bosses, some quite complicated so the options of saving and going back in time are appreciated.

The game is free but has advertising. However we can make a purchase in the app of 2.29 euros and remove the ads. They will also allow us to save the games locally without an internet connection, something necessary in the free version.

A new Sega classic for free on the Play Store: Dynamite Headdy
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