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A new case of phishing via SMS affects Spain

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The maximum that must be followed in all the procedures in the network and in the telephone is prudence and common sense, since the criminals seem to always be one step ahead of us. This is what is happening in Spain, where a dangerous attack has been detected that employs the technique of phishing and takes advantage of the globality of a brand like Correos.

The attack began to be detected on October 12, where the first affected received a strange SMS from a well-known messenger company in Spain: in this communication the user was informed that a package of his could not be delivered since it was held in customs awaiting the payment of one euro, which is equivalent to $ 1.1 dollars.

As usual in these attacks, the message was accompanied by a URL in which the affected person was urged to make said payment.

A very real message

So far nothing new that has not been seen to date. The problem lies in the fact that Correos uses the sending of messages as the main platform for the communication of delivery of its packages, so that the veracity of the messages was quite high. Once the message was received, the user was tempted to click on the link and from that point be at the mercy of the hackers.

Once it has fallen into the trap, the link asks for your personal data and what is even more serious is the information related to your credit card. It is at this point that the user should begin to suspect that it is the technique of phishing.

Is the incidence of the attack serious? We have contacted Kaspersky Spain and they confirm that the range is not very high, which does not mean that you should not lower your guard.

How to protect yourself? As we have pointed out, with common sense and before proceeding to enter our data, verify by another that the request is real.

A new case of phishing via SMS affects Spain
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