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7 cool face identification tricks for iPhone X that you should try

Apple's latest and most important flagship, the iPhone X, said goodbye to the successful Touch ID fingerprint scanner, in order to implement a borderless edge-to-edge display. It opened the way to a new 3D facial recognition system called Face ID, which according to the company is secure enough to not only unlock the phone, but also to make payments through services such as Apple Pay. For starters, it works well and is much better than I expected when Apple introduced the feature during the launch of the iPhone X in September. It may be a bit slower than Touch ID, but personally I think this is more convenient. Well, if you recently bought your new iPhone X, you can make sure that your experience with Face ID is as positive as possible by taking advantage of some of these tricks. These are the 7 great tips and tricks of Face ID for iPhone X that you should try:

Tips and tricks for face identification for your iPhone X

1. Improve face identification speed

The first and main concern about Face ID is its speed, compared to Touch ID. It is almost a second slower than the Touch ID to be very specific, and this can annoy many customers who want to enter the home screen as quickly as possible. Well, you can slightly improve the speed of the Face ID unlock process by disabling "Require Attention for Face ID" on the iOS device. To do this, go to Settings -> Face identification and access code -> Require attention for face identification, and touch the switch to deactivate the function.

It is worth noting that although it improves unlock speed, it actually reduces the advanced security that Face ID has to offer. For example, by default, your iPhone X will not unlock if you are not looking at the phone, which is very useful if your friend is trying to unlock your device by putting it in front of your face. With this disabled, the phone will be unlocked even if your eyes are closed.

2. Enable / disable conscious attention functions

With Face ID comes a new ingenious feature called "Mindfulness", and believe me, find it very useful, especially when you wake up in the morning. The TrueDepth camera system will seek your attention before the device dims the screen or reduces the volume of alerts. Well, let me explain clearly how this works. Suppose the alarm you set on your iPhone X starts to sound in the morning to wake you up, the alarm volume is automatically reduced once you only look at your iPhone X. This function works like a charm. To enable / disable it at your will, simply go to Settings -> Face ID and access code -> Mindfulness features and move the lever.

3. Don't wait for the unlocked cone

Do you know what is the fastest way to unlock your iPhone X? Scroll up as soon as the screen turns on. That's right, you don't have to wait for the "lock" cone to unlock on the lock screen to get to the home screen. Simply swipe up even if your device is still locked, and Face ID continue to unlock your phone in the background . This way, you can unlock your new iPhone X much faster.

4. Advances for face ID notifications

This is by far my favorite face identification feature on the new iPhone X. Before explaining why, let me tell you how to enable it. Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Show previews Y set it in "When unlocked" . This notification setting has been available on iOS for a long time, but is now much more useful with Face ID. If you enable this feature on an old iPhone, you'll have to unlock it, go to the home screen and then swipe down your notification center to read all your notifications, but it's not like that at all with the new iPhone. X.

You will be told that you have received notifications from certain applications even when you are on the lock screen, but I can't read the preview unless I look at your iPhone . Once you look at the device and after the device is successfully unlocked, the previews will appear perfectly on the same lock screen. This provides much more comfort and yet your privacy remains intact, since no one other than the owner of the device can read them.

5. Buy apps with face ID

Face ID is not only used to unlock your new iPhone X. The technology is also secure enough to make payments through the App Store and services such as Apple Pay. With Face ID enabled, you don't have to enter your Apple ID and password every time you buy an application. You can simply authorize the purchase by looking at your iPhone. By default, the ability to use Face ID for iTunes and App Store purchases is disabled. If you want to enable it, go to Settings -> Face ID and access code -> iTunes and App Store and just act it out.

6. Limit third-party applications that can use face ID

Your Face ID data can also be used by external developers for use in your applications, but if you want to prevent certain applications from using Face ID, you can do so. To do this, open the Configuration on your iOS device and go to Face ID & Passcode -> Other Apps and disable Face ID for the applications listed there by adjusting the switch.

7. Reset Face ID

If your first Face ID scans after starting the new iPhone X were mediocre, the smart phone will have difficulty unlocking at certain angles, or be slower than is supposed for me. Don't worry, you can completely remove face identification and rescan your face from the beginning whenever you want. Well, to remove Face ID on iPhone X, go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Reset Face ID and you can start the Face ID scan settings again.