You can now download the trial version

You can now download the trial version

If you are one of those who play with the computer, something that makes sense because the quality of the developments is usually superior and in this way you get more out of your team, there is good news for you. These have to do with the arrival at the market of Steam Remote Play Together, one of the most interesting and curious tools that Valve has announced recently.

Less than a month ago this company made official the development of the tool we talked about, and the truth is that at least it is worth trying. With this job, what you get is convert games that only work locally, that is to say on a user's computer, in multiplayer giving use to Internet and Steam servers. Therefore, those titles that need all participants to be in the same place, will not have this restriction anymore. Come on, they become online by "magic art."

Quality and economic Bluetooth controls

Some of the details that have been known due to the arrival of Steam Remote Play Together to the market, is that the maximum number of players that can join a game is four, a good brand considering what is done. In addition, the system to join is by invitation to those who are your friends on the Valve platform, and there is something that is really interesting: just he who acts as host in the game you must have the game installed, the rest simply execute the data they receive when acting as a client. This is good news, there is no doubt.

How Steam Remote Play Together works

Steam Remote Play Together, a good solution that is very stableand

Obviously we are not facing a competitor of Google Stadia, since the game does not run in the cloud and the servers are only used to manage the data needed by players who are not hosts. Regarding the connection speed needs, in principle with having an access with 10 Mbps is more than enough so that the vast majority of compatible games run with solvency and good user experience. And, the truth is that everything is very easy: The platform opens, the development is executed and, then, an invitation is sent to the rest of the participants and that's it! You can start playing. More easy impossible.

One of the doubts is to know the number of games that are supported with Steam Remote Play Together, and here is an excellent surprise and it shows that things have been done well: Valve conforms more than four thousand, s you have read well, those that can be used with this new tool. Some of those that are available are NBA2K20; TEKKEN 7; Tabletop Simulator; Age of Wonders III; Call of Duty: WWII; WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship; and much more. As you can see, there are titles of all kinds.

TEKKEN 7 computer game

How to get now Steam Remote Play Together

He is currently in trial version the existing customer, but the stability is high, so we believe it is worth using it right now if you are interested in converting your games that only works locally to offer multiplayer. To make the necessary download you simply have to access this link and follow the steps that appear that are completed in less than five minutes. The truth is that everyone works really well.