Xbox One S and Xbox One X will receive support for 1440p shortly

During the month of November last year Microsoft launched what is the most powerful console on the market, theXbox One X, with which you can enjoy 4K quality at 60 fps if the game allows it, providing great graphic quality to users, which has an impact on the price, which is why the previous year was launched a less powerful variant known as Xbox One S.

With the arrival of the Xbox One X, users who have a 1080-pixel screen will be informed they will also benefit from this new console thanks to the 4K rendering and downward scaling known as supersampling, while monitors with 2K resolution will be able to reproduce the game to that quality, although that function has not yet arrived.

Through a tweet a member of the Xbox software team commented thatInsider users will receive news related to this topic, the most surprising thing is that it not only mentions the Xbox One X but also the Xbox One S. Most likely, the only console that is capable of playing all content at 2K is the Xbox One X while the Xbox One S may only be able to play videos and video games remain in Full HD.

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