Tricks to know how to defend your village in Clash of Clans

Tricks to know how to defend your village in Clash of Clans

Defending your village in Clash of Clans is not an easy task. So I don't pay attention to these tips, since they can save you more than one game.

Put the town hall in the right place

Your main objective may be to collect resources, so it is normal to leave the town hall outside the fort to use it as a bait protected by the shield while your deposits are kept safe. But if this is not the case, it is best to protect your town hall well.Put your town hall inside the fortification.

The town hall is the largest and most important building and your rivals will go straight to him, remember that if your opponent manages to destroy him, win a star, so it is a very attractive prize. Make sure you protect it well if you don't want to lose your trophies.

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Learn to distribute your buildings

This is a trick especially for beginners, here are some tips to build a good base. A good distribution of your base buildings is key to avoid being destroyed easily.

Think that your enemies have thirty seconds to choose a place to send their troops. Sohave a symmetric basehelp. That is, if you see that no part of the base is especially important, and all are equally, the decision is much more difficult.

It is also recommended put your buildings, warehouses and mines in the corners, since sometimes your rival does not explore so much to get there. Those, put it in different corners because if they manage to overcome the defense, don't get all your resources.

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"Activate" your defenses

Well, once we have the passive defenses built we have to take care of our active defensesThat is, our troops. And it is that no base is impassable without troops defending it. Think that the game is getting complicated, so never get stuck in a tactic.

Never forget to improve your troops, but do it with your head. If you see that a particular tower kills more than the other, put effort into improving it, but don't abandon the others. Also remember that while you are building anyone can attack you since you will not be able to use those towers. So do it with your head and better have the shield activated.

Put defense to your towers or more powerful canons so that they are in second row. So it will cost the enemy more to get there. Yes, mines and warehouses are important, but a good defense will also allow them not to reach them.

If you have any strategy or technique that you know works, do not hesitate to comment. What techniques do you use?

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