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The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

There are many powerful Hearthstone decks that you can make yourself. But on the other hand, tribal mallets have that fun component that others lack.

Hearthstone decks that you can do there are many (as in Magic); from combo to aggressive through themes. But there is a very important style of play, and they are the tribal Hearthstone mallets. That is, based on a specific race.

Today we will review 5 of the most fun and powerful tribal Hearthstone decks. Of course we will leave some in the pipeline, but we have selected those that give us fun and quality in equal parts. Of course, if you can think of any more, we would love you to leave it in the comments.

Deck of murlocs: water party!

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We start with a classic: the mythical murlocs These bugs are a headache if you have the right components to make the mallet. It has several advantages, but at the same time several disadvantages. The most important are that although you can do it in standard format, It is a mallet quite expensive to make.

You can do it so much of paladin as a shaman, although we strongly recommend using the second class as it has better dedicated cards. If you want to get the full potential, we also recommend make it wild, since several legendary cards are essential.

This is the list in shaman as I have it, although of course, you can make modifications:

  • Shaman:
    • 2 Clamamareas murloc
    • 1 Murlocs meeting
    • 1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton
    • 2 Murloc tide hunters
    • 2 Ice fishing
    • 2 Ghostly Fisherman
    • 2 Primapantane Totem
    • 2 Murloc War Leader
    • 2 Lightning Storm
    • 2 Seer Cold Light
    • 2 Primapantane Watchman
    • 2 The exterminators arrive!
    • 2 Cienaleta Spiritwalker
    • 2 kind megagasaurus
    • 1 Old Eyeshadow
    • 1 Mrginja, the Flying Star
    • 2 Everything is fabulous

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

This deck is fun and powerful, since on the one hand we will not lack creatures on the table and if they annoy us the table we can recover quickly and on the other we can finish fast with our rival. But it has the counterpart that it is a mallet that depends a lot on other murlocs, so if they control you well, it will be very difficult for you to face it.

Without a doubt, the most necessary letter you should have is the "Murlocs Meeting", since with other cards like "The exterminators arrive!" or "Mrginja, the Flying Star" you will not have a single problem in filling the fast counter and taking out Megabranch. And as we say, you can do it in paladin too, although it is somewhat less powerful.

Demons: total lack of control

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We continue with another race that many hate but many others fear: the demons. The minions of the sorcerer Gul’Dan are so fierce that even in a somewhat basic mallet they give many problems to their rivals. And it is that this race has so many powerful cards that it is difficult to start somewhere.

How could it be otherwise, these minions must be made With the sorcerer As in the case of the murlocs, this mallet can be done in both standard and wild and the problem is that although it is very effective, it is still very expensive. But if it is done well, it is A lively one.

  • Sorcerer:
    • 2 Dark Possession
    • 2 Abyssal
    • 2 demonic fire
    • 2 Catch demons
    • 2 Demonic Wrath
    • 2 Potion of Bloody Fury
    • 2 Terror of emptiness
    • 2 ClamavacĂ­o
    • 2 Nefarious Steed
    • 1 Lord Jaraxxus
    • 2 demonic heart
    • 1 Skull of the Man’ari
    • 2 apocalyptic guard
    • 2 Terror of Doom
    • 1 Mal’Ganis
    • 2 Lord of the Void
    • 1 Gul’dan Blood Sack

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

Of course, that list is a basic approach, since within the demons you can make combos such as discard and steal or multiply your minions with the "Lord of the Void." But within that, the demons are a very hard race that, becoming a good mallet, will become a real nightmare for your rivals.

Dragons: the rival is your toy

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

The next race we will talk about is perhaps the most fun to play (but not for your opponent). The Dragons They are a race that has been running in Hearthstone for a long time, and in recent expansions they have acquired a much more focused look at control than before.

This deck is really more neutral, so you can take it in more classes. The most recommended, yes, is that of the priest, since in addition to having many basic letters of dragons in that class, joining it with the burden and control frustrates your opponent and makes him give up. What if, works. We give you an approximate list:

  • Priest:
    • 2 Cleric of Villanorte
    • 2 Word of power: shield
    • 2 Twilight breeding
    • 2 Shadow word: pain
    • 2 Abyssal Grudge Historian
    • 2 Dragon Rest Agent
    • 2 Breakdown
    • 2 Shadow Word: Death
    • 2 Draco Azur
    • 2 Bone Draco
    • 2 Draconic Operation
    • 2 Dragon Fire Potion
    • 1 dragon soul
    • 2 Twilight Acolyte
    • 1 Temporus
    • 2 Twilight Guardian

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

The mechanics are simple: that your minions activate their abilities as long as you keep a dragon in your hand. A great strategy for this type of mallets is to make massive effects, since Dragons are not affected in the case of using the «Dragon Fire Potion». Although it is a complicated mechanic, I warn you.

You must overwhelm your opponent with everything you can and keep the table until you draw any large dragon you have in your hand. You can do a thousand crazy things with this deck, and there are many specialized guides to give your touch.

Elementals: Watson would be happy

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We continue with the party and it is not for less. The next race, the elementals, they are a tribe especially old in Hearthstone but that because it has been enhanced in these last expansions, it continues with a worthy potential today.

There are two main classes that can take them, and the two classes are more than prepared for the elementary: shaman or wizard. In the case of the list that we will pass you next we will do it with the magician, since it is the most efficient when it comes to causing great chaos.

  • Wizard:
    • 2 Arcane Artificer
    • 2 Ice Walker
    • 1 shots
    • 2 Lower Magic Ruby
    • 2 Glowing Tempest
    • 2 Geyser of Flames
    • 2 steam tide
    • 1 Jaina the Lich
    • 2 Fire Bug
    • 2 igneous elementary
    • 2 Tol’vir Lawnstones
    • 2 Servant of Kalimos
    • 1 Ragnaros, Lord of Fire
    • 1 Ozruk
    • 2 Frost discharge
    • 2 Arcane Intellect
    • 2 fireball

The thing is about casting spells. The key is to release elementals slowly so that other elementals in future shifts make their effects. They are a bit like murlocs, but backed by the magician's spells from behind. In addition, it has certain final attacks such as Ragnaros or Ozruk that only by lowering can give you a surrender from the enemy A hilarious race … but also very expensive (and wild).

Silver hand: in formation!

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

The last race that we will include in this extensive top will surprise you. The Silver Hand from Uther they are, to my liking, the simplest but at the same time heaviest tribe you can see in Hearthstone. Because your key is not in power, but in the number.

They work like a squad, and in Hearthstone it is key to keep the creatures advantage at the table. With the Silver Hand this matter is completely settled, and so we just have to protect them from massive attacks. If you can even unite with the "Divine Shield" ability, you will have a real squad. As expected, this breed is exclusive of the paladin. There goes a list:

  • Paladin:
    • 2 Lost in the jungle
    • 2 Simaseca jailer
    • 2 War Horse Trainer
    • 2 Preparation for battle
    • 2 Light imbued foam
    • 2 Level up!
    • 2 Quartermaster
    • 2 Dark Resistance
    • 2 crystal lion
    • 2 Rajavides
    • 2 Regent Silver hand
    • 2 Call to arms
    • 2 Citadel Commander
    • 1 Justify True Heart
    • 2 Consecration
    • 1 Imposition of hands

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

This deck is hilarious because you feel you are commanding an entire army. If your rival does not have too many massive effects such as sorcerers or priests, in a matter of moments you have the whole field full of Silver Hands. In addition, that list includes cards that improve hero power and reduce its cost, which is Summon a Silver Hand.

It is not especially expensive, but we warn you that this deck, if you want to make it standard, you will be somewhat more limited. We recommend doing it in the wild, even if that means you have to face rivals of a similar level.

Honorable mentions: jade golems, beasts, pirates and … robots?

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We conclude with a small compilation of the races in which we have not deepened but which on their own merits should have been. Many will already know them; jade golems, beasts, and pirates. And I include one that many will also say "WTF": the robots.

Jade golems are, perhaps, the breed which has wreaked havoc in modern times. His appearance and mechanics were so thunderous that the metagame at that time basically consisted of this tribe. And it is not for less; They are the perfect mix between the murlocs and the Silver Hand.

When a jade golem is invoked, the following It has + 1 / + 1 for each golem previously invoked. That is, if we invoke a jade golem and then take out another, this second will have strength 2 and resistance 2. We will not inquire on a list since this is honorable mentions, but if you are interested, the recommendations are The druid and the shaman.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We continue with an honorable mention that could not be missed: the beasts. This breed is one of the oldest, and although it must be recognized that it is perhaps not the most potent, it is the one that has had the most support over time in the expansions.

It is a very aggressive deck that consists of going with everything to the rival, and you can also do it by varying as adapting to your beasts or make them have "Last Breath", a very funny skill. The tips about your class are simple: we recommend using or the druid or the hunter, more in the second case than the first.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We are already finishing, and of course we could not forget Of the pirates. This breed, like beasts, is very aggressive but has a very fun component: weapons. You can play with the weapon that your hero carries and that your minions have enough power to tear your enemy apart.

The two most suitable classes to take them they are the warrior and the rogue, and we make special mention in the second, since this mechanic can be combined with thief mechanics, which allows you to play with the enemy class cards. And from there something incredible can come out.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We end with the most controversial tribe on the list: the robots. This breed has not had much support in the expansions, and both its mechanics and its antiquity have made it one of the least effective today. But why is it on this list? Because it's hilarious. Let us keep in mind that this tribe has about the same time as the murlocs, in case the mallet will be wild.

Yes, he has few cards. Yes, the mechanics it has are not clear (remember that at that time Hearthstone was taking shape), but we see the most "innocent" side of Blizzard here. Letters like «Mimiron Head» (clear reference to Mazinger Z) or "Blingtron 3000" make the games very random and dynamic.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We recommend making the deck with the wizard and has several versions; We can do it in basic format, that is, if there is a robot other creatures make their effects or the one that seems more fun: A deck with random effects. Effects that you don't know where they will end or how they will be done.

If you had no idea what tribal mallet to make yourself and you didn't want to do the classic thing that everyone does, a mallet of robots is a very good idea. Although as in the others, we warn you; It is not the most powerful, and it is something expensive for what it really offers you. But if you are determined, You have no excuse to try them.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes
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