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The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

There are many powerful Hearthstone decks that you can make yourself. But on the other hand, tribal mallets have that fun component that others lack.

Hearthstone decks that you can do there are many (as in Magic); from combo to aggressive through themes. But there is a very important style of play, and they are the tribal Hearthstone mallets. That is, based on a specific race.

Today we will review 5 of the most fun and powerful tribal Hearthstone decks. Of course we will leave some in the pipeline, but we have selected those that give us fun and quality in equal parts. Of course, if you can think of any more, we would love you to leave it in the comments.

Deck of murlocs: water party!

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We start with a classic: the mythical murlocs These bugs are a headache if you have the right components to make the mallet. It has several advantages, but at the same time several disadvantages. The most important are that although you can do it in standard format, It is a mallet quite expensive to make.

You can do it so much of paladin as a shaman, although we strongly recommend using the second class as it has better dedicated cards. If you want to get the full potential, we also recommend make it wild, since several legendary cards are essential.

This is the list in shaman as I have it, although of course, you can make modifications:

  • Shaman:
    • 2 Clamamareas murloc
    • 1 Murlocs meeting
    • 1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton
    • 2 Murloc tide hunters
    • 2 Ice fishing
    • 2 Ghostly Fisherman
    • 2 Primapantane Totem
    • 2 Murloc War Leader
    • 2 Lightning Storm
    • 2 Seer Cold Light
    • 2 Primapantane Watchman
    • 2 The exterminators arrive!
    • 2 Cienaleta Spiritwalker
    • 2 kind megagasaurus
    • 1 Old Eyeshadow
    • 1 Mrginja, the Flying Star
    • 2 Everything is fabulous

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

This deck is fun and powerful, since on the one hand we will not lack creatures on the table and if they annoy us the table we can recover quickly and on the other we can finish fast with our rival. But it has the counterpart that it is a mallet that depends a lot on other murlocs, so if they control you well, it will be very difficult for you to face it.

Without a doubt, the most necessary letter you should have is the "Murlocs Meeting", since with other cards like "The exterminators arrive!" or "Mrginja, the Flying Star" you will not have a single problem in filling the fast counter and taking out Megabranch. And as we say, you can do it in paladin too, although it is somewhat less powerful.

Demons: total lack of control

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

We continue with another race that many hate but many others fear: the demons. The minions of the sorcerer Gul?Dan are so fierce that even in a somewhat basic mallet they give many problems to their rivals. And it is that this race has so many powerful cards that it is difficult to start somewhere.

How could it be otherwise, these minions must be made With the sorcerer As in the case of the murlocs, this mallet can be done in both standard and wild and the problem is that although it is very effective, it is still very expensive. But if it is done well, it is A lively one.

  • Sorcerer:
    • 2 Dark Possession
    • 2 Abyssal
    • 2 demonic fire
    • 2 Catch demons
    • 2 Demonic Wrath
    • 2 Potion of Bloody Fury
    • 2 Terror of emptiness
    • 2 Clamavacío
    • 2 Nefarious Steed
    • 1 Lord Jaraxxus
    • 2 demonic heart
    • 1 Skull of the Man?ari
    • 2 apocalyptic guard
    • 2 Terror of Doom
    • 1 Mal?Ganis
    • 2 Lord of the Void
    • 1 Gul?dan Blood Sack

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

Of course, that list is a basic approach, since within the demons you can make combos such as discard and steal or multiply your minions with the "Lord of the Void." But within that, the demons are a very hard race that, becoming a good mallet, will become a real nightmare for your rivals.

Dragons: the rival is your toy

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

The next race we will talk about is perhaps the most fun to play (but not for your opponent). The Dragons They are a race that has been running in Hearthstone for a long time, and in recent expansions they have acquired a much more focused look at control than before.

This deck is really more neutral, so you can take it in more classes. The most recommended, yes, is that of the priest, since in addition to having many basic letters of dragons in that class, joining it with the burden and control frustrates your opponent and makes him give up. What if, works. We give you an approximate list: