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The first person to pass this mysterious video game win 10 thousand dollars in Bitcoins

In the Internet world, there are hundreds and hundreds of unsolved mysteries. Now, a new and mysterious video game has generated a lot of controversy, since it offers a fairly rewarding reward for the first person who can finish this game.

It's about Montecrypto: The bitcoin Enigma, this video game is in Steam And the reason why this reward is being given to the first person to reach the end is because it has 24 very complicated puzzles.

In the world of the Internet, there are many unresolved mysteries. Now, a new and enigmatic video game has given much to talk about, since it offers a fairly friendly reward for the first person who can reach the end.

The complicated thing about this video game is that it has a series of puzzles that are increasing in difficulty depending on the number of users that play. Things get complicated because players have the possibility of leaving clues to others; both true and false, which may be confusing.

However, even if thousands of users participate, only one will have the chance to win. Players can choose whether to play individually or cooperatively, but that could be counterproductive.

Gem Rose Coolective is the mind behind this project, although the creators have not wanted to reveal their identity, they said they will when the first user meets the goal.

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