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The culebrn of the iPad release date continues [ACTUALIZADO]

It seems that the soap opera on the release date of iPad continue Let's review: two analysts say that the iPad is not manufactured on time and that a month is delayed, then someone talks to an Apple Store that confirms that there will be no delay and that the units will be on time and the last thing we know was that the suppliers Foxconn pieces say there will be 700 thousand units for launch, so far, of course.

Have gone out a couple of statements, who come to say the same thing: there are not enough pieces, not being prepared for launch the number of iPad planned and be late. Let's see who says each thing.

First we have what he thinks and says Matt Phillips in his blog within Wall Street Journal. According to our friend Matt, Think Equity has contacted the factories of Taiwan and comment that there are some minor delays in the manufacture of the iPad. They also comment that the volume produced is low, less than what the market expects, although there are no significant delays, such as a screen or some production problem, simply minor delays.

Then we have what is spoken in Barrons where Eric Savitz he talks about the same Think Equity report, which the analyst was in charge of Vijay Rakesh, but also cites some figures, the important one is that the production reach the 200 and 250 thousand units, far from the planned million. What could create some delay, although not explicitly stated in the article.

What happen? Will the dates given by Steve Jobs be met the day they presented the iPad in society?

Very soon we will know.

UPDATE: There is already an official date for the launch of the iPad in the US