¿Cómo poner un gif en PowerPoint?

How to put a gif in PowerPoint? Updated

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We know how important and entertaining gifs are for young people, and even adult people regarding the internet. There are an infinity of images with movement and many gifs online But, have you ever wondered how to do them from the comfort of your computer and without any expensive program?

Well, here we will show you how, with the help of PowerPoint. So stay with us to see step by step how to make a gif with PowerPoint or failing how to put a gif in Powerpoint.

What is PowerPoint?

Power Point represents one of the most used programs throughout Microsoft

But before starting, what is PowerPoint? For those who do not know yet; PowerPoint is a tool that comes in conjunction with the Windows Office package. This software It is used to create presentations for slides or any other type that requires an aesthetic level and more presentable.

What is a gif?

Currently one of the most used Gifs worldwide are those of Homer

The gif is a moving image that, unlike videos, does not weigh too much, It can be shared via any instant message or used as a simple profile picture.

NOTE: Also gifs can be videos, you just have to transform them with a video editor and voila.

Now, knowing this we can give way to the process to Create a gif using PowerPoint.

How to put a gif in Power Point 2010?

One of the great advantages of Power Point is that the program allows all types of Gif without any problem

In this section we will show you how place gif in PowerPoint and to create one from the same program, be sure to follow the steps to the letter so you don't end up in trouble.

Steps to place a gif in Power Point:

  • We must go to the program and open it, it may be on the taskbar or on the desktop.
  • Once you have opened the program go to the presentation that you like the most, (you can do this by looking for the type of presentation)
  • Gives click on the presentation and click on Insert, select the arrow located at the bottom called Video, and choose the option From File in the submen.
  • Select the gif that you want to insert in the image.
  • Once ready, you will see a window that will tell you YES or Do not, so that the gif is played. If in this case you have given option No, the fic it will not play automatically but you will have to click it when it appears.

How to create a gif from Power Point?

With these steps you can create your own Gif in Power Point

If on the contrary, you want create a gif from PowerPoint Here we will show you how.

NOTE: First debers have saved the slides in image format for, then have to pass them to gif.

Step 1: debers place the image or text you want on each slide, this in order to have an order of images.

NOTE: make sure you get sharp images.

Step 2: once you have all the images you should proceed to convert the format of the slide into jpg. Debers give save as, then jpg format.

Step 3: already having the images in a folder, you must go to the PowerPoint slide again and give save as, and then click gif format.

Tips to have a better quality in the gif:

The key and essence of the Gif lies in all its graphics
  • Get the strongest images and without any watermark.
  • Have a type readable, so that when moving it does not lock.
  • Have a format of 1280 720 in PowerPoint images, this in order to have a better resolution of the image and that is not blurred or very loaded.
  • To have greater development in the program it is recommended that you know enough of it, as you can Add more stuff to your slides.
  • If you are going to place gif on a slide make sure Accept it so that it reproduces without having to touch it, this is informed by PowerPoint itself.

As we mentioned earlier, the gif is a tool that is used for many presentations and not just for entertainment, so we hope that this series of tips and steps will help you to expand your creativity when placing a gif in a PowerPoint presentation or simply how to create it in a simple and practical way.