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Google Chrome 76 improves incognito mode on Android

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser on Android. Every few weeks we have a new update ready, as we have already mentioned on occasion. The new version of the browser is number 76, which is now launched in the form of a beta. Although the official launch of it will not take place until the end of July, as has already been confirmed.

A new beta that leaves us with a series of novelties. Google Chrome introduces some improvements, related to privacy. In addition, the dark mode is also protagonist once again, a function that we have been seeing for a while in the browser beta, and we already know how to activate.

In Chromium's own blog they have announced and some of these news that we can expect in this new version of the popular browser. A good way to generate excitement, besides there are already users who can try these functions that are now introduced in it. What new functions leave us this time?

Incognito mode hidden in Google Chrome

Incognito mode is one of the most used functions in Google Chrome, that we already told you how it worked. Although this mode has long encountered many obstacles along the way. Since although many users use it to navigate, thus avoiding cookies or showing the sites they visit in the history, there were more and more problems on the part of the web pages. Many web pages did not display content if navigated in this mode.

Use is made of incognito mode detection, so that then you cannot see these contents on the web. An annoying problem, which forces the user in these cases to navigate using the normal mode in the browser. Something that not everyone wants, but that will be corrected with this new beta of the popular browser. Since it is going to hide this incognito mode in it.

What is done is that the Incognito mode detection in Google Chrome is now much more complicated. This will allow users to be able to navigate at all times using this mode, without being left without seeing some content. Just what was expected by the browser. Thus, it will be possible to navigate without leaving a trace or without storing cookies on what has been visited. Good news for this version 76 of the browser on Android.

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Other functions

Google Chrome dark mode

Dark mode is still something important for the future in Google Chrome. Already in previous versions we have seen that the browser allowed to activate it already, something that we can do with the flags menu in it. Now new changes are announced in this regard, which continue to show the progress that this dark mode will have. From now on, the dark interface in the browser will be activated on those web pages prepared for it. Although this will be as long as the user has also activated the dark mode on their phone. In this sense, Google leaves the ball on the roof of web developers, who will therefore have to introduce dark mode in their pages.

Further, payments using Google Chrome are another important element In this new beta. In this case, developers have the possibility to implement more easily and securely purchases on their mobile websites. Progressive web applications are also improved. In this case, it has opted to improve its execution and installation on the telephone desk.