Download pixel launcher P from Play Store

Download pixel launcher P from Play Store

Since the arrival of android P, the official launcher has not yet come out in apk to download and install on other devices, although, thanks to a developer, you can already have this most optimized launcher and you can even download it from the Play Store without problem any.

This is called Rootless launcher and is developed by Amir Zaidi, this app is free of charge in the android apps store as carrying a weight of 1.6MB, running on any device with android. This has all the official design among the new in Android P as well as optimization for the performance on the devices and even a little customization since you can adjust several parameters from the settings.

In this you will be able to activate the notifications in the icons as well as to choose the theme, icon pack including the form of the icons in which you want it to appear on the main screen, when installing it, the launcher will ask you to give permissions to install files extra so that Google cards can be added to launcher so you can swipe to the right to enter Google news.

You will no longer have to install the said launcher from unreliable sources so we will leave you the direct link to the application store and just simply download said launcher which is very similar and even identical to that of Android P.

Download here

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