Balanced Scorecard: Dashboard for iPad


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Balanced Scorecard for iPad:A completecontrol panel With which you can control the progress of your business strategy in the most professional way.

A control panel it is a system that informs us of the evolution of a business through indicators that are previously established for analysis. The information that appears in a dashboard must be simple, and summarized, so that the strategic decision making It is based on the global vision and that the small details do not weigh so much in that decision making.

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We have been testing the application Balanced Scorecard, a comprehensive dashboard for iPad, developed by the Spanish company Business & Strategy Consultoria SL. It's about integrating the concepts of Balanced Scorecard or BSC, in a very simple tool to use, but also offers possibilities and potential, which make it the reference tool in this field for iPad.

One of the advantages of having a dashboard on a tablet like the iPad, is undoubtedly the mobility and immediacy, you can have at your fingertips an immediate view of the company's strategic indicators, in addition to that, thanks to the almost 10-inch screen, it becomes a tool that fits perfectly to show powerful graphics summary indicators.

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The Balanced Scorecard tool is very simple to use, initially a screen appears in which the company for which you are going to make the scorecard is defined. In Balanced Scorecard there is the possibility of managing dashboards of several companies. You just have to start the application and choose the company you want to work with at that time.

Once you have inserted the descriptive data of your company (name, logo, mission and vision ..), the next step is to establish each of the strategic objectives with one or several indicators. All this is done from the edition tab. You can set goals in each of the four perspectives available to the application (financial, customer, process, human resources perspective).

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Once you have defined each of the objectives, with their indicators, and with their weights, you can set some messaging objectives for each of these indicators, in order to see later if the objectives are being met or if on the contrary you have to change something in the company to achieve them.

When you have all the indicators and the target figures, you can already enter the actual values ​​of each of the indicators (or KPIs). The loading of real values ​​is very simple and is done directly from the tab, and the real data is simply entered, this will automatically cause the data to be updated. virgin calculations for each of the indicators, for each of the objectives, and for each of the perspectives, all of them weighted by the weight that we have previously established. We were pleasantly surprised at the speed with which it is able to recalculate the margins or degrees of progress, it is immediate, without waiting times.

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