¿Se envían OnePlus One usados? Los usuarios dicen sí

Are used OnePlus One shipped? Users say s

OnePlus One

When we learned about the OnePlus One's market launch and its amazing price for everything it offers, many of us were amazed and some of us suddenly came shadows of doubt. Not because I didn't have those specifications, but because everything looked too pretty at first …

And as the months go by it seems that part of these doubts are confirmed, the last example being the most serious of all.

And if so far OnePlus was immersed in the politics for the system of invitations, for the faulty screens with yellow tones or for making crossed-out contests of macho men, before which the firm was forced to offer apologies, this time it crosses a new line.

The reason is none other than apparently and as stated by some owners of the OnePlus One, when they have received their newly acquired phone they have found thathave received a restored device (refurbished) instead of a new one.

This is what it says one of those affected in a forum:

I believe that my first One is used / fixed. Come with ringtones and photos of another person. After communicating my complaint to the company I had to wait a month to receive notification, and then three weeks to receive details of the refund. By then I had already sold the phone.

A serious complaint that apart from assuming fraud, violates the right to privacy and data protection (although also, it occurs to you not to send the smartphone to the SAT without restoring)

Faced with this complaint the company has been quick to respond:

We do not sell devices arranged as new. In fact, we don't even fix or offer them for sale. We are checking with our warehouse to find out if some previously returned ones have been sent as new by mistake, be sure that we are working to reach a conclusion.

It is not known how many users are affected by this problem, if the group is important or it is isolated cases.

Do you think you are the excuse of the company? Call me suspicious, no, especially because coincides with a time when orders are being opened more, so the pulling of this type of terminals can be a resource in the absence of stock … and if the responsible company forgot to make a hard reset before sending the mobile … we have this result.

Source | Talkandroid