Convierte tu tablet Android en un completo ordenador

Turn your Android tablet into a complete computer

Every time we look at the specifications of a tablet and more recent in the market We can see that its potential and characteristics resemble conventional computers A few years ago with quad-core processors and more than 1.5 GHz in most Android tablets on the market with its 2GB of average RAM. For this reason, converting a tablet into a complete desktop computer is possible using not only these features in the specifications but also its wide range of connectivity.

Mouse and keyboard

One of the things that are most missed in a tablet and more if we want to turn it into a conventional computer is The keyboard and the mouse, two great advantages of computers over tablets that, although they have been improved its virtual keyboards are still not as practical, fast and useful as a real physical keyboard. On the other hand, although the fact of having a touch screen, for some people it is still more useful to use a mouse to select, drag or choose different aspects of the screen.

While it is true that the vast majority of tablets (except certain tablets such as the Asus Transformer) are designed and created as mobile and touch devices that do not require peripherals, it does not imply that Android is not prepared to support this type of peripherals from keyboards such as Bluetooth wireless mice expanding the possibilities when acquiring one among a variety of keyboards, sizes, colors, shapes and prices that we can find in the market.

USB OTG Pendrive

If instead of Bluetooth we want to use the classic and conventional USB cable, we will always have the option of USB OTG (if our tablet allows it). A few months ago we already discussed and explained in depth the advantages and possibilities of USB-On the Go technology allowing different peripherals to be inserted via USB with a MicroUSB converter being interpreted by the tablet or mobile phone to be able to operate or access it without any additional configuration or installation.

Multitasking with floating applications

Although there are more and more options and improvements with regard to multitasking, another positive feature of conventional computers on tablets is multi-windows, facilitating the multitasking process, increasing productivity, making it easier to move from one application to another with all the ease in the world.

The improvements in multitasking, in addition to the native Android comes from applications that have taken advantage of this need by adapting, adapting and creating applications with the possibility of being floating applications Among which we can highlight:

Overskreen Floating Browser

One of the most important applications on any device, be it a computer, mobile or tablet is the Navigator, increasingly important and with a more leading role in any operating system. It is true that if something is not lacking Android is alternatives in terms of browsers among which we can find real beauties such as Chrome, Opera, Dolphin and a huge number of browsers in the Play Store but most of them are fantastic for almost exclusive navigation having to interrupt it to go to another application. However, Overskreen Floating Browser allows you to create a browser window that we are viewing or browsing that can be superimposed on other applications that we are using having both at the same time on the same screen allowing to work quietly in several aspects at the same time as for example write down data that we are seeing in the browser, consult a URL pointed in the blog notes or anything else.

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There are utilities that are very basic but also essential in any multitasking that boasts such as the blog notes, calculator, music player or paint and these utilities as floating applications are provided by Tiny Apps lite, a suite of basic utilities that allows them to be used at any time and on any other application.

In Play Store we can find different floating applications with this type of basic tools but Tiny Apps Lite is the only one that includes all of them in one application.

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