This is Samsung's new store with funds for the Galaxy S10

This is Samsung's new store with funds for the Galaxy S10

Samsung's bet with the Galaxy S10 has been strong in many ways, although in part we can see it as a terminal that is an evolution (more or less powerful) of the Galaxy S9.

One of the most differentiating aspects is its screen, which has not only improved in technology and quality, but also in the way it houses the front cameras. The S10 and S10 Plus (and also the S10e) have a screen cutout that integrates the front cameras.

While it is an almost minor theme, the game that has hit the wallpapers has been quite curious and fun. I think I have not seen anyone use an S10 without using one of these backgrounds that the cameras incorporate in the design.

A few days ago the first ones were published on Twitter, which caused a sensation. Shortly after Samsung also shared some in one of its official accounts on that social network. Now the company goes one step further.

The new Galaxy Store integrates wallpapers with clipping

The change of interface from Samsung to One UI has also led to a change of name of its application store, which is now the Galaxy Store, which has been redesigned to make it easier to use with one hand, like the entire interface.

It is here, in a new section, where we can download funds for the new Galaxy S10. As expected there will be many wallpapers that are free and others that are paid.

Samsung updates its app store with themes for the Galaxy S10 and its perforated screen

Although it is obvious for which device each design is to have a circular hole or an elongated hole, in the description of each one you can see the model for which it has been designed, so that you do not get confused when downloading it.

A personalized experience

The new store is organized differently depending on the person accessing it. This is because it is based on certain recommendations and learns from our tastes.

In addition, depending on the season of the year or its events, it will offer some elements or others.

In addition to wallpapers or themes, as we have said, we will have stickers and effects for the camera, in addition to other elements such as sources or functions for the Edge panel that use the brand's terminals with curved screens.