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This is Gradient, the app that tells you what your face looks like

Gradient became a popular application after the publication made by comedian Jimmy Kimmel

In the application stores there are a lot of options that allow you to make a photographic edition of portraits with automatic effects to improve light, skin tone and soften the contours, among many other options. In some cases they also allow some curious effects, such as aging or rejuvenating faces, as happened at the time with the application
FaceApp In this segment it is located
Gradient, the new app that allows you to identify which celebrity your portrait resembles.

The application became a viraul phenomenon when the American comedian Jimmy Kimmel published on his Twitter account the comparison that made the app of his face with the actor Matt Damon.

Gradient is available free of charge for iOS and Android phones, and while offering free use for three days,
you have to be careful to avoid unwanted extra charges, since the application requires a
monthly subscription of $ 20 per month.

After this publication, users began publishing their own face comparisons with Gradient. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Einstein or Snoop Dogg were some of the results that were shared on Twitter. If one is not satisfied with the first result, Gradient allows other comparisons to be generated, and in the tests carried out the similarity made by the application may be somewhat forced.