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The TwitBird Pro App for iPad is Updated

TwitBird one of the best applications for iPad to visit twitter, recently presented in the App Store a very interesting update.

For all fans of twitter There are many applications for iPad in the App Store. TwitBird Pro It differs from all of them especially in that it allows you to manage up to 16 different twitter accounts at the same time, making it possible for you to post tweets with any of them, and to have a timeline of all the followers of each of the accounts.

Now a new version for iPad of TwitBird Pro appears in the App Store with great news What we have listed:

  • A refresh button has been added to receive the most recent tweets.
  • Update of the application logo.
  • Direct access in case all other reading methods are disabled.
  • The keyboard opens automatically as soon as you enter composition mode.
  • The β€œGo to Top” button is removed, now you have to use the scroll bar.
  • The error of going to the beginning of the timeline is corrected when you click on update.
  • The error of the holes in the timeline is corrected.
  • Correction of other minor errors.

The application TwitBird Pro for iPad It is already available in the App Store at a price of 2.39.

Download App Store | TwitBird Pro for iPad
TwitBird Pro for Twitter - NibiruTech Limited

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The TwitBird Pro App for iPad is Updated
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