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Taking the multimedia experience to a new level

The Japanese giant has turned its offer of smartphones upside down, releasing new nomenclatures for its ranges. For the high-end in particular, we go from the Xperia XZ designation to the new Xperia 1. A phone that bets big.

We all know that Sony is one of the greats in multimedia, they have a long experience in televisions, sound, cameras and video cameras. An experience that they have concentrated on their new reference smartphone, the Xperia 1.

Features of the Sony Xperia 1

Below we detail all the specifications of the new Sony Xperia 1:

  • Body
    • Dimensions: 167 x 72 x 8.2 mm
    • Weight:
    • Colors: Black, Gray, White and Purple
  • screen
    • Kind: OLED HDR
    • Size: 6.5 inches
    • Resolution: 2160 x 3840 | 21: 9
  • Main features
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 | Octa-Core 8 x 2.84 GHz Kyro 485
    • GPU: Adreno 640
    • Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Memory
    • Internal: 128 GB + 6 GB RAM
    • Micro SD: Up to 512 GB
  • Cameras
    • Rear:
      • 12 MPX OIS | Angular
      • 12 MPX OIS | TV
      • 12 MPX | Wide angle
    • Lead: 8 MPX
  • Connectivity
    • 802.11ac WiFi
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • NFC
    • USB 3.1 Type C
  • Sensors
    • Fingerprint reader on the side
    • Accelerometer, proximity sensor and compass
  • Drums
    • 3300 mAh Li-Ion
    • Power Delivery 3.0: Yes

As expected in a high-end smartphone the new Xperia 1 makes use of the newest Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 855, which will be a regular in the vast majority of the high-end of 2019. And to have that factor that differentiates them of the others, they have bet big on the multimedia experience.

Starting by being the first smartphone to make use of a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display and 21: 9 aspect ratio which will capture the attention of the most demanding in this section. But this new Xperia 1 does not stop there, the news continues in this section.

Elegant and elongated

We have been able to have in our hands a prototype of the Xperia 1 and its design is nothing innovative; yes, we must admit that it is a very nice phone. The glass back gives it a splendid and elegant appearance; in it the three sensors of the camera and the flash are located vertically. As usually happens in devices of this type, the prints will be easily marked in the back area, especially in dark colored models.

The Xperia 1 feels light in the hands thanks to its approximately 180 grams; Although, its elongated design does not end up being ergonomic for those with small hands. The terminal is available in four colors: black, gray, white and purple. As you can imagine, the latter is the most striking, while the others are colors used to satiety.

Sony has chosen to incorporate the fingerprint reader on the right side of the phone. Something similar happens that with ergonomics, whoever has big hands will have no problem; but, who has a smaller size may have difficulty using it correctly.

Great screen, in every way

If we had to choose an element that catches the attention of the X1, the screen would be the winner. We talked about the world's first 4K HDR OLED screen on a smartphone. This is 6.5 inches and aspect ratio 21: 9.

In short, we speak of a huge and elongated screen never seen before in the telephony sector. Their frames do not stand out for being the smallest; but, they go quite unnoticed due to the dimensions of the screen. Regarding the fashion of the notch, Sony still does not participate in it, which shows a certain personality, which other firms lack.

What surprises us most is the 21: 9 format used by Sony. A standard cinema format that guarantees to be able to visualize multimedia content immersively and with an excellent level. It seems that we are facing the best smartphone to watch movies to date. Unfortunately, being a prototype, we could not verify first-hand its operation.

CineAlta a professional seal in your pocket

Another of the novelties that we will find is the use of the CineAlta seal, exclusive to Sony, reserved so far for professional video cameras. It offers users a 21: 9 aspect ratio at 24fps and professional image treatment.

This logo is a seal of quality in the film industry.

So we will obtain a reproduction of colors and the ability to work with different color profiles when recording, designed by and for content creators. To this we must add the experience collected by Sony in its mirrorless cameras of the Alfa range.

Releasing new capabilities in the photographic field in the new Xperia 1, such as improved noise reduction in RAW files, autofocus tracking up to 10 fps and ocular autofocus for greater accuracy.

Sony has taken a twist again offering all this new multimedia experience and maintaining what we liked so much about the Xperia XZ3. With triple camera -angular, wide angle and tele-, water resistance and Hi Res sound.

Price and availability

Those who can not wait to have the new Xperia 1 in their hands, must wait until spring for marketing. At this time, we do not know its price.

Taking the multimedia experience to a new level
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