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recommend people to stop following

The two founders of Instagram leave the company, problems in sight?

Instagram has become one of the most used social networks in the world in recent years, and it is something that does not extract us at all, since it is the most visual social network that exists, and in which we don't have to make long scrolls to find content that interests us, In addition to that it is introducing novelties from time to time that make users not get bored.

What the social network is obviously looking for is that we get in and interact with the people we follow. However, it is true that, on many occasions, we follow people who may not interest us at all, and now Instagram wants us to stop following all these people.

Instagram wants you to stop following people you don't interact with

Social networks, if you neglect, you can be filled with people you follow, but you are not interested in the least, and with which you may not have interacted since you followed. Instagram doesn't want your feed to be a graveyard of elephants, and that's why it's trying a new way for you to see what people think you shouldn't follow.

And, as Jane Manchun has published on Twitter, the social network will be testing a way to group people with whom you have interacted little so you can see graphically with what people you haven’t related to Instagram, And so it's easier to see what is left over from your feed.

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Just as you are doing this, you are testing other types of groupings, such as the people who appear most in your feed, and the truth is that it is a very useful tool, both to see what is left over and to see what is missing.

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recommend people to stop following
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